Men's Health 103: Why Stay Stagnant And Hold Back? Learn a New Skill Or Sport And Feel Better


Allright guys,

As some of you know, I recently picked up boxing. What the? Why the? I’m not much of a fighter. Never have been. My first and last real fight was in the 6th grade with Corey Miller. My friends told me that it was a tie, which I think meant that I lost. Doah!

However, as a man I want to be able to protect my family. With what? My fists. But more importantly, and realistically, (more…)

How to Meditate 101, Video Instruction (Sitting Up and Lying Down)

How to meditate

From time to time, I have folks ask me, “How do you meditate?” and “Where do I start?” A lot of guys are wondering where to get started. So, I made a two short instructional videos if you are serious about learning the basics of meditation.

First, it’s important to ask, Why in the hell would a person meditate?

At first, it might be a way to relax or calm your mind. Later on, meditation becomes a powerful tool for (more…)

Being a [Black] Man in America, Contrast 50 Cent and Obama (video)

This powerful Byron Hurt youtube video explores Manhood in the Black Community comparing two Iconic figures Barak Obama and rapper 50 Cent. I also wrote about this on Elephant Journal’s site.

I first read this post on William Harryman’s site The Masculine Heart. To me this video is an important contrast within the black culture between two very different messages about what it means to be a (more…)

No Complaints, Day Four of Seven

On Monday I vowed to not complain for a week. As a meditator, I usually feel that this practice will be a piece of cake. I know how to quiet my mind, right? Even still I knew that I would complain.

Each day, I have found myself complaining about something, and each day the complaints get more subtle and almost unnoticeable. It is an entertaining exercise to watch my mind do it’s thing.

Looking at the news it is easy to “get on board” with the troubles around me and vent to friends about how lame this or that is. Very tempting…

If it’s true that we attract what we put out, my challenge to you is this:  How much are your complaints (more…)

Men's Health 102: Just Because You Make A Lot Of Money Doesn't Necesarrily Mean You're "Successful"

In our previous post on Men’s Health, I discussed how some triathletes might not be as healthy as they appear. In this post, I discuss why making a buttload of money does not guarantee success or happiness. Most men know this one, but many try anyway.

Many “successful” men I work with admit they are not fulfilled. They achieve a lot of material wealth, feel great temporarily and eventually the “dread” slowly bleeds back in.

They have “outer” wealth, but lack “inner” wealth.

These guys might look like successful guys on the outside. They dress nice, act confident and bold, but on (more…)