Change Your Life Now, 4 Tips To Get Started


I like to ask you fellow men, what are you waiting for? Seriously. How much longer will you put off your own desire to change your life?

I was always the type of guy who had a hard time following the crowd. I always steered my own ship. But I often steered it into a comfortable little cove and just sat there, meanwhile I could have been living much larger and I could have been much more fulfilled. But I lacked courage and tools.

Recently I checked out the magazine Men’s Journal just to see if they had some actual good information, rather (more…)

Two Tips You Can Learn From A Tibetan Guy About Putting Yourself Out There

Tibetan Meditation Master

Tibetan Meditation Master

I’m always on the lookout for men who inspire me. Yet, I look around and see very few men that call forth the best in me. These days, with the current political, cultural and social challenges we face, I can become cynical, discouraged, or just want to quit.

Sometimes I have to look to the past for inspiration.

According to one of my teachers Reggie Ray, this is common on the path (of life). We try so hard to change things and make a difference but to no avail. So, we may shut down, check out, or just become (more…)

5 Strategies to Man Up in '09


2009 is the year to Man Up to your vision and goals. But how? Let’s say you have a big dream and big plans for this year. But you often lack follow through or fail to achieve your goals. By now, a few days in to 09, you should be able to gauge if you’re being realistic with your goals.

Here are 5 key strategies to not backing down from your new year’s goals.

Step 1. Get honest. Be very, very honest with yourself. Just by acknowledging that you are NOT 100% (more…)