Why Finding a Man Mentor Is So Essential

photo by Joshua Levin

It boggles my mind how many guys still go it alone in life. In my eyes this attitude is bankrupt. Not only that, it is dangerous.

If you are a guy who “goes it alone,” try it on that you could double your impact and accelerate your growth if you found a great mentor. If you still believe you have to suck it up and that asking for help is a sign of weakness, you are asleep or stuck. It’s 2009. We are not living in 1955 anymore.

In my own life, I “went it alone” for years. “I don’t need anyone’s help” was one of my mantras.  Even though I had great friends (more…)

Fraternity Hazing: An Open Apology


This post has been brewing in me for some time. I imagine it may stir up some controversy in a lot of men I know or have known. I write not to place blame, but to take personal responsibility: I apologize to any man I have hurt and wronged through the hazing ordeal I participated in while in college.

By writing this I know that I risk losing some friends. I risk being judged. I risk losing you as a reader.

Yet, if I truly want to be a Revolutionary Man, I have to be ruthlessly honest with myself. I have to own up to (more…)

No Pain, No Gain


At some point in your life, if you’re a guy, you’ve certainly heard the phrase “no pain, no gain.”

Well, what does it really mean? To some men, it means that if you don’t suffer, then you’re not going to get anything or get anywhere. Well, this is partly true.

My own interpretation is this:

The Pain

If you are the type of guy who stuff’s his feelings and pain of any kind, emotional or otherwise, then you are a “pain-avoider” (more…)