Self Knowledge Is The Central Pillar Of A Great Relationship

Years ago I read a J. Krishnamurti book. The first sentence read, “Self knowledge is the cornerstone of freedom.”

It stuck with me from that day forward.

Today as I reflect upon it, it still rings true to me, that self knowledge is one key to your own personal freedom and fulfillment, particularly when it comes to long-term relationship.

Another distinction between a wounded couple and a power couple is that the wounded couple doesn’t know itself. One or both parties are stuck in a victim stance and blame.

The way out of the victim seat is to know yourself deeply. And if you dig far enough, you’ll find that you are in fact, not a victim.

Okay, so what does “self knowledge” mean and how do you know if you really “know yourself?”

Over the years I have heard many people report, “I know myself.”

I remember saying that in my teens and early 20’s with gusto, and I had no idea what I was talking about. The truth is I didn’t know myself then and in a way I still don’t. In fact, I’m an ocean of possibility. There are aspects to my psychology and to my essence that I have yet to explore. They remain “unconscious” to me.

So, knowing oneself is not a fixed destination you arrive at one day, where you plant your flag in your spot, buy your house you live in forever, drive the same car to the same job and then kick your feet up to your (more…)

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Stressed Out? Unplug & Meditate For A Day—Alone (In A Cabin, Somewhere In The Woods)

picture-7All right friends, this is a short 10 min video on how to unplug, stop the noise, get quiet, spend time alone and maybe even find a little taste of freedom.

For the past 5 years, I usually spend two days to two weeks alone somewhere in the Colorado mountains in a retreat cabin. Doing what? Sitting with what is.

“What is” is often just my thoughts. Thinking is how I typically spend most of my time while on retreat (retreat is intentional time spent with your own state of mind. It’s different from a “vacation.”). But for some, their “what is” might be an experience of peace, emptiness or emotions such as fear, (more…)

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Why Your Teenage Son Needs A Rite Of Passage

picture-2I’ve worked with teens for years and have come to one vast conclusion. Teenage boys need a real, raw, intense initiation into manhood. Many want it and these kids deserve it.

When I was a teen, I lived a pretty easy life so it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started taking stupid risks and pushing my limits, unconsciously attempting to find the truth, some grain of evidence that about my life’s purpose or the meaning of it all. I did a lot of drugs, drank a lot and pissed many people off along the way.

Had I had a male mentor to check in with, to consult with and to seek wisdom from, perhaps I would have avoided many pitfalls. Not only that, it is possible I would have come into my own sooner as opposed to later, thus serving more people earlier.

At some point on the human journey, boys are supposed to become men. In our culture, we don’t do anything to honor, acknowledge and promote this huge transition. As a result, grown men remain boys even though they look like men.

What would your teenage son be like if he had a male mentor, leading him through a challenging ordeal and giving (more…)

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Personal Freedom Tip: The More You Hang On To Your Agendas, The More You Will Suffer

picture-13This week my son turned 10 weeks old. Overall, he’s been the biggest blessing in my life. Most new Dads don’t talk about the challenges of parenthood. Too many guys are bought in to pretending everything is okay. I learned an important lesson this week about surrender.

As an entrepreneur, I can work constantly from 7am to 9pm and everywhere in between.  I’m inspired and motivated about bringing consciousness to manhood. However, I have to admit that I’m a little neurotic at times in my work ethic. I can overwork and try to “achieve” too much.

Having a new son, I had this idea that I’d still be able to work a lot and get the things done I wanted to get done. Boy did I miss the mark. My wife went back to work this week and it all came into focus.  (more…)

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Why Many Men Are Still Boys and What Can Be Done About It

image0061When did you become a man? How did you know? Have you ever had a declaring moment where you came through something hard and declared, “I’m a man now!?”

I didn’t have this moment until I was 29 years old after a vision fast experience.

When you look around the world and take an honest assessment of your fellow man, what is your opinion? Do you think that most men are (more…)

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