The Power of Celebration

picture-1What is your relationship to fun, play, and celebration?

I was never much on celebration. My old man taught me that you don’t celebrate until you are on the summit. I also learned that celebrating was bragging and bad, especially if you didn’t win. So, I would just keep my personal victories to myself.

We humans are like this sometimes. We don’t celebrate unless we’ve won the big game or new salary. Vince Lombardy has a famous quote which is the credo of sports teams everywhere—“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Unless we see “winning” as something we do everyday, this attitude can perpetuate us being hard on ourselves and prolongs recognition about what is truly lovable and great in us right now.

Another classic example is my own birthday. For years I would poo poo my  birthday and not tell anyone. Then when my birthday would come and go without anyone noticing, I would feel resentful and unseen or unmet. The last couple of years I have been practicing celebrating openly and allowing the love (more…)

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The Purpose & Benefit of Solitude: How to Honor Your Desire to Be Alone.

picture-17Ever since I was a little kid, I would escape the house, go outside, climb a tree and listen to the wind. I found solace in nature, even if it was only in my backyard.

Although it would often intensify my loneliness, it somehow helped. Years later I would trek into the wilds alone for self-reflection. There I would ask big questions. There I might solve problems or attempt to figure out what painful emotion I was experiencing.

Sometimes I was running away from something. Other times I was running toward something.

After college I traveled to Central America alone to “find myself.” Running the same patterns and having no real mentor, I wound up (more…)

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A Critical Question To Ask Yourself: What Is Possible?

picture-5The other day with the help of a trusted mentor, I received an important download about myself and the vision of Revolutionary Man.

I want to invite you along as I explore what is really possible for men who want to transform their lives.

If I say to you “Join me in finding out more about what is wrong in your life and your world!” What does the quality of this question feel like? Contraction.

If, on the other hand I say to you, “Join me in creating an inspiring, conscious community of men who will have a huge impact on their own lives and lives of others!” What does this feel like? Expansion.

Take note of your own life. When you want something to be different or (more…)

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How To Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Over the years I’ve worked with many, many people. One common thread that runs through most people is that  they are often very bought into the story of who they think they are. And, they are often caught up in other people’s opinions about who they are.

The result? Unhappy, unfulfilled people who somehow feel “off.” These same people don’t know that if they free themselves from their limiting beliefs, it can lead to feeling more whole and more free as a human being.

For example, in my 20’s I was popular, well-liked, had lots of friends, (more…)

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