Calling All Spiritually Minded Dudes

If you are a hungry man, keep reading. I am calling out to evolving men who may want to join our tribe.

I just finished a 6 month Men’s Leadership Training and WOW.  11 men + 10-12 staff and me all went through this amazing modern-day rite of passage.

I think it’s safe to say, this was a life changing experience for everyone involved.

Testimonials and a video to come….

I witnessed men:

  • go from boy to man
  • get in touch with their authentic power
  • experience a deep connection to source, the divine, and God
  • who now know what it is like to have men in their lives who genuinely have their back
  • get in touch with deep rage and express it
  • gain seriously clarity around their life purpose
  • go from being stuck and locked up to incredibly open, loving, and powerful
  • feel safe enough and (more…)
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Beating off to Porn is NOT a Strategy for Long Term Success? (Guest Post)

This is solid, vulnerable guest post from my bro Marc Quinn in the UK. I am not surprised by how and why many men have porn challenges. To me, it’s a symptom of something else going on as well as how fucked up we are sexually as a culture. Some questions to consider while reading Marc’s piece:

1. What is underneath your porn behavior?

2. What would you have to feel and experience if you stopped jerking off to porn or even fantasy?

3. How can you not only stay in touch with your sexuality in a conscious way without porn, but how can you increase your sexual energy and use it for good?

4. What are the ways in which you let your culture dictate what is sexy, attractive, and a “turn on” to you? What are you going to do about that?

Here is Marc:

Men, let’s face it: We ALL have SOME charge with Pornography. I am not one for making grand sweeping statements like that, but I know that I am definitely not the only guy who tries to innocently peek inside the Adult Stores when the door casually swings open, and I am definitely not the only one who flicks back to the previous channel whilst channel surfing if I think I just saw a tit. However big or small, I am prepared to go on record to say that at least 90% of men have a charge with pornography.

For a little over a decade, I suffered from a devastating addiction to pornography. I have to be honest, it was not an every day occurrence. But for over ten years, I would frequent seedy adult sites, on average, every two weeks. I cried many tears over the years because of this. Why? Because the person I was showing to the world was not the person who would be sat up until 2am some nights looking for (more…)

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