Is Men’s Work Dying? Or Does it Just Need an Extreme Makeover?

Marc Quinn, David Chang, & David Cates, post EMC

For me, the term “Men’s work” is dead. For others it’s still alive and well.

WTF? Seriously? C’mon, I just let go of another identity a few months back. Again? Yup, more personal shedding what no longer serves.

This past weekend 40 men’s leaders and 6 women answered the call to be a part of the Evolving Men’s Conference. The context? Some of us thought it was to “evolve masculinity.” For others, the hope was to plan a bigger conference next year. Others didn’t know what the context was.

I visioned this conference with a few very bold expectations (the other men had their own wants as well, some the same, some different. These were just mine).

  1. I wanted to get male leaders to collaborate. (more…)
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The Shadow and My Major Blind Spot

The ShadowFor years, folks have been giving me a certain kind of reflection. It went something like this:

“Jayson, I appreciate what you are telling me, but “how” you are telling me is kind of harsh.” In other words, I would often laser in with my very accurate bullshit detector, but “how” I called bullshit left people feeling stung and even hurt.

Sometimes, even today, I give people feedback as a way to push them away in order to get some personal space. I also have cut people out of my life because the story was “I can’t stand your neediness.” (more to the story below…)

In fact, I used to unconsciously get in a fight with my wife to get some space from her because I was too afraid to ask for space directly (a classic enmeshed relationship pattern). Do you have some version of this?

The feedback others gave me was the kind of mirroring which was attempting to point me to my blind spots. At first I was defensive. Later I was open to hear it. Now, I begrudgingly give thanks when someone points out a blind spot, otherwise know as my shadow.

The Shadow

Ah yes, the shadow. We all have one. As Carl Jung said,  (more…)

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My Self-Importance Vs. Life

Photo by Josh Levin

It’s been a wild ride recently. Ups and downs.

Major self doubt in one moment and ball busting confidence in the next.

As readers of my blog know, my summer was basically a spiritual rite of passage. The old Me dying, the new Me being born. Thank God I had and have support. The new Me is still learning how to create from a place of ease and relaxation.

After the major waves of my spiritual transformation had mostly settled by early August, I came out swinging and had big plans for myself. Things were falling into place and I felt on fire.

I even felt so bold as to write a blog post called “Jayson’s fall Schedule.” Silly me.

This is a common pattern for me. I go after what I want. I’m a “3” on the enneagram so I can pretty much force things even if the Universe is telling me to slow down, or be patient.

You see, there’s three ways to do life—1) what I want to see (more…)

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Year Of the Daddy Blogger?

This week I’m flying off to Atlanta Georgia to be a part of the first men and Dad blogger’s conference, the Modern Media Man Summit (M3)!

Since I’m a dadpreneur and a blogger, I guess I fit right in.

This is a very “mainstream” conference as it seems to be targeting an audience outside of traditional “men’s work” circles. I’m eager to see what conversations these men are having about being a father, a husband, and a man in today’s world.

Here is the idea behind the conference according to the M3 website:

The M3 Summit’s goal is to bring together brands, bloggers, and some of the brightest minds in the industry to experience, teach and talk about how the role of Modern Media Man (more…)

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