Deep Community

Artwork by Bryce Widom

Artwork by Bryce Widom

Have you noticed lately how much talk there is around real, authentic, community? The word community is gaining momentum and it appears that many folks are ready and hungry to belong to new kind of community.

Here are some important questions for all us to consider when thinking about community:

  • What does community mean?
  • What kind of community do you want and what is its purpose? What end will it serve for you?
  • Is a real, authentic, conscious community even possible?
  • What the hell do words like “real,” “authentic” and “conscious” even mean?
  • Is it possible to live in a community free of shame and guilt?
  • Can we create communities where when we hurt one another (because we will), we are able to stay in relationship, clean it up, and work through our differences?

I don’t know the answers to these questions but I do have a HUGE bias coming from a relational perspective.  I’d like to hear yours below. (For example, (more…)

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