My Beef with Integral and Why It’s Changing

Note: After posting this on facebook, I got a huge number of responses from all side. One in particular stands out from my friend Nomali, included below the post.

I’m slowly warming up to Integral.  And, I never thought I’d see the day, but I’m getting involved in an Integral community.


How could a guy like me who has judged the shit out of the “Integral people” be getting involved in Integral?

There is only one real reason.

Integral is getting relational.  At least in Boulder…

That’s right. It’s time to deal with the “Lower left” as they say in the integral world. Ken Wilber is supporting relational development. And, two men I dig and respect a ton are spearheading the project.

The Integralist (a person who studies and attempts to practice Integral theory) has often come across as very arrogant to me. Their mantra has been “transcend and include” yet it lands more like “transcend and exclude.”

I have had three main complaints with the Integral camp.

Complaint number one: It ain’t accessible

Integral is brilliant stuff. And, Ken’s books are not accessible to the mainstream person. And, very few of his followers, if any, have bridged the gap to reach a mainstream person, let alone other highly evolved spiritual people. It’s super high-level philosophy on consciousness, which is part of its detriment.

Integral isn’t going to change the world if most of us can’t access it. Buddhism made inroads and stuck in the West because teachers like Trungpa Rinpoche brought the core (more…)

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What Men Can Learn From Beowulf

When I saw Beowulf I was struck by how much it relates to my life. I’m guessing there’s a lot of men out there just like Beowulf. **Note: I do give away the story here so be forewarned. And, lots of conjecture here.

The old English poem has many interpretations. I’m choosing to focus on the 2007 Hollywood version (which is distinctly different from the original story and well worth the watch) since it’s the only one I have seen. I’m also choosing to laser in on how it personally relates to my life in hopes that it may serve yours.

In watching the movie, one pertinent question emerged:

How can I hold true to my integrity and maintain my powercenter* in the face of all the seductions, challenges, and distractions in life?

(*by “powercenter” I mean the lower dantian. Marital artists know this as the center of gravity in our bodies and critical to holding one’s ground during conflict, combat, etc. I’m no martial artist, but I do apply it to the rest of my life).

The Hollywood Beowulf tale is about a powerful warrior who can kill any beast with his bare hands, but then caves in the face of a dark feminine “monster.”

In order for this (dark) feminine to give birth to a dragon, she needs the seed of a (more…)

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