photo by David Hussey

photo by David Hussey

There’s a reason you are together. A valid, significant, and unbelievable reason. No matter how much pain your are in, it’s my job to remind you why you’re together. The other person has much to teach and you have much to learn. I have no agenda about weather you stay together or split up. My agenda is to help you see what you are not seeing about the connection, about your dance, the love, the pain.

Working with couples is my main gift and passion. I believe any relationship is workable when two parties come together willingly to do the work. If only one person is truly motivated, we can work with that. And, as you know, your relationship can limp along (be aware of the trap of trying to change your partner).

It’s through the vehicle of relationship that we can become more of who we really are.

I see any and all relationships as a path to awakening. This is my view and this is the work we will be doing together. I’ll help you and your partner see each “issue” or trigger as an opportunity to grow and heal yourselves, which leads to more harmonious relationships.

I work in person and by Skype.

And, keep an eye out for couples retreats, groups, & classes.

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