I have worked with families since 1997 in a variety of treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, mental health centers, and privately.

In my experience “family work” is some of the most triggering and awesome terrains in the field of healing and spirituality.

I am very passionate about working with families. Often a family comes in with the child as the main focus. He or she is acting out. However, my approach is to work with the parents on two things: 1) discipline, boundaries, & skill building and 2) the parent’s inner work.

I believe the parent triggers are the key to unlocking most unhealthy family dynamics. The “inner work” of the parent is what shifts the children’s behavior and ultimately the family system into a state of more wholeness and health.

I won’t work with your children unless you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some quality healing yourself. Trust me, it’s the gamechanger for your family.

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