One of my most favorite things on the planet is to help people wake up to their authentic selves. This journey can be terrifying and blissful, painful, and liberating. And, it’s simply not for everyone. I work with the courageous few who are serious about being true to themselves, no matter the cost.  People who know somewhere inside that there’s more to life than their job, family, or image. The wise ones who know there’s a deeper story happening underneath the noise of life.

My main job is to guide you to wholeness, integration, and wakefulness through the vehicle of relationship. It’s also to help you have deeper relationships and feel more trusting, and connected to, Life. I call this Relationship Path-Work.

I used to be a licensed psychotherapist. But that paradigm kept too many of my clients thinking I would save them, fix them, or improve them. I have recently let go of that title as it feels too restrictive. I no longer see clients in that context. Please do not reach out to me if that’s what you want. Instead, I see myself as a truth seer, a guide, a healer, and a teacher. It’s my aim to help you see how your life is conspiring for you (feels like against you at times) to awaken, repair your past, and be the real you. And, I only work with folks who want to see, experience, and practice Relationship as a Path.

The waking up process is an extraordinary one. And, if you are serious, you will need help. You cannot do it alone, nor should you. You’ve probably already tried, right?

I don’t allow you to stay stuck in your patterns. I get in there with you, and give you immediate feedback on how you are showing up in each session. Together we co-discover “how” you are showing up in your life and the impact that has on you and others. Then we start to see a way forward, a way out of whatever patterns you were in, and into a new possibility that will have you feeling more “in touch” with the real you.

I will continue to show you where you are out of your integrity with yourself, and also where you are in the sweet spot of personal integrity and to know the difference between the two.

Remember, my job is to help you become who you really are. And, I can only help you if I’m on that journey myself, waking up to who I really am. So please explore this blog, my journey toward waking up, and the ways in which I still fumble, fall down, and forget who I really am.

Email or call if you want to dive in with me. Let’s have one session to see if we are a good fit. Here’s a description of my ideal client.

In addition to one on one work, I strongly encourage you to explore my group work, retreats, and trainings as another way to grow, evolve and awaken. The power of the conscious community to reflect back who we are is far more powerful than my reflections alone.

So, if you are afraid, excited, and ready, use the contact form on this site or simply call: 303.818.8411.