Meet My Team

Melina Seeto

Melina hit the ground running jumping in to assist in the infrastructure and implementation of projects and the general operation of Jayson’s business. She rocks at organization and structure. A digital nomad devoted to the path of awakening and cares deeply about the essential training on how to do relationship.

Melina Seeto Projects Coordinator
Julianna Barbieri

Julianna brings her years of managing large scale sports events and her own business to help propel The Relationship School® into the lives of people around the globe. She’s based in Newport, Rhode Island where she lives with her husband and dog.

Julianna Barbieri Operations Director
Shawna Mignot

Shawna is here to support you, the customer at Jayson Gaddis and The Relationship School . As a yoga instructor, wellness coach, and previous business owner, her underlying nature is connecting with others. She places a high value on her own relationship, which led her to the Relationship School and working for Jayson.

Shawna Mignot Customer Liaison
Ali Hasert

Ali is Jayson’s trusty sidekick by managing his calendar and correspondence. She brings her love of planning and organization to the JG Team. She resides and thrives in Boulder, CO where she lives a very active and health conscious lifestyle.

Ali Hasert Jayson's Assistant
Lesley Glenner

Lesley is the newest members of Jayson’s team. She brings her years as a business owner and therapist/coach to The Relationship School:tm:. She’s based in Boulder, CO. where she lives with her husband and toddler son.

Lesley Glenner Operation Support

Dan wrangles the bits and bytes of Jayson’s teachings into consumable chunks of listening material.  His career has been a patchwork of professional music work, music teaching, audio production and marketing automation.

Dan Digital Content Producer