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4 Steps To Solving Money Problems In Your Marriage – Bari Tessler Linden – SC 90


If money is one of the top 3 reasons people get divorced, smart couples will want to address this challenging area of life, individually and together. Get ready to solve your money issues in your relationship by listening to Bari Tessler break it all down.

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Texting and Relationship Advice for Young Adults – SC 89


A great 3-part question from Nathan from Oregon particularly pertaining to relationships as a young adult. He’s also wanting to find mature relationships and act more mature. Check it out.  SHOWNOTES Question – Part 1: How do you navigate technology in relationships?  When is it connecting? When is it disconnecting?  As phones and technological tools…

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The Hidden Power Of Conflict – Annie Lalla – SC 88

SC_88_AnnieLalla_Blog wed pod quote 1

Annie Lalla brings the heat in this amazing episode full of love and wisdom. Damn can this woman spin some distinctions and reframe so many challenges with simple, detailed examples of how we can transform our relationships into the magic we long for. I know you’re going to dig this one. A must listen to probably…

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Why Some Men Struggle With a Woman’s Emotions – SC 87


Why do so many men get jammed up when their female partner is emotional? It’s quite simple.

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Why People Get Divorced In January & What To Do About It – Charles J. Orlando – SC 86


If you are considering separation or even divorce, you might want to listen to this one as my guest Charles Orlando and I discuss the realities of living with one person for decades. There’s also a bright side, but you have to be willing to show up each and every day and go after what you want.

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How Do I Let My Wall Down & Let Him In? – SC 85


When it comes to intimacy, most of us have a wall. How big or small is yours and how will you let your partner in? Find out here.

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Do You Want To Be A Victim Or Get Empowered? – Alexi & Preston – SC 84


Your past can really impact your present relationships. But they don’t have to run or ruin them. Listen to this power couple break down how to move from victimhood to a place of real empowerment in your relationships and life.

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If You Are Bored In Your Relationship – Ellen & Jayson – SC 83


If you are bored in your relationship, you might make it about monogamy or some other random scapegoat. Instead, consider these 5 steps and you’ll be on your way to a relationship that is far from boring.

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