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How To Repair in 3 Steps Before You Make It Worse – SC 100


My wife and I share 3 practical tips on how to repair quickly the moment you notice a rupture. What to say, when to say it, why say it, and how you both can set this structure up ahead of time.

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Husband Doesn’t Want To Work On Marriage – SC 99


If your partner is interested in personal development but slower to work on it, listen to this episode to find out a few tips on how to keep the work going.

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Evolving Men’s Sexuality- From Porn To Presence – Destin Gerek – SC 98


From porn to politics. From erotic rockstar to evolved masculine, Destin Gerek shares so much in this episode including heart softening tips to build connection and practical advice for great sex in the bedroom.

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My Partner Doesn’t Want To Get Married But I Do – SC 97


When one of you wants marriage and the other doesn’t, you’ve got problems. Here are a few tips on how to face this challenging fork in the road.

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Women’s Sexuality – De-Armor Your Cervix – Olivia Bryant – SC 96


Tune in to this rich and tender conversation around the female cervix and see if you can unlock your own body to maximize pleasure as well as deep healing.

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The Problem With Never Fighting In Your Relationship – SC 95

jayson-gaddis-relationship-quote-fighting-problems (1)

Never fighting in your relationship is often a strategy the stoic person creates due to a deep fear of conflict or upset.

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7 Behaviors That Kill Your Connection – Bryan Reeves – SC 94


Without knowing it, you could be killing the connection between you and your partner. My guest reveals the 7 most common ways connection gets strained and what to do instead.

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Does His Size Matter? – SC 93


Does his size matter? I polled my community and there were some interesting comments for sure! No doubt I share my own opinion. Check it out.

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