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Masculine Woman Dating a Feminine Man – SC 109


What can a more masculine woman do who is dating a more feminine man? It’s pretty simple…

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How to Feel Safe In Your Relationship – Bonnie Badenoch – SC 108


What is co-regulation and how do I feel safe in my relationship? In this episode my guest Bonnie Badenoch goes deep into the co-regulatory nervous system. We discuss the importance of interpersonal neurobiology and how we can regulate each other. She covers the myth and limitations of self-regulation and what we must learn instead. Bonnie…

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What’s The Point Of Marriage Anyway? – SC 107


What is the point of marriage anyway? This is such a great question and amazing to me how unexamined it is for so many. Listen in as I explore my take

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One Simple Tip to Working Out Your Differences – SC 106


Working out differences and disagreements is essential. Here’s one tip to get started.

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Partner Not Meeting Your Sexual Needs – SC 105


Are you doomed to have a stale sex life once you settle in with the same person for years and does that justify sleeping with someone else, while still being married? Listen up for my take…

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How To Deal With An Avoidant Partner & Interpersonal Stress – Stan Tatkin – SC 104


Dealing with an avoidant partner can be challenging and can create a lot of interpersonal stress. My guest Stan Tatkin helps you navigate these relational dynamics and so much more.

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How To Get Over A Cheating Spouse – SC 103


There’s no question cheating hurts like hell. Of course. It hurts like a bitch. But if you want to get empowered, you must learn hot to get over the cheating and work through the hurt. You’ll be stronger for it and your relationship might even bounce back.

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The Surprising Difference Between Divorced People and Married People – Mark Manson – SC 102


Blogger Mark Manson drops some great advice on the podcast and covers the big difference between people who are divorced and people who report being happily married for a few decades. The difference may surprise you.

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