The Relationship School Teacher's Apprentice Application

RC1 - Level One Relationship Coaching Application

Who: An inspired group of students wanting to go to the next level with their relational skill set in service of humanity

Goal: To supervise and train a highly motivated group through mentoring opportunities, direct supervision from Jayson, and practice coaching sessions, to become a certified Level 1 Relationship Coach and Teacher Apprentice within the School.

Purpose/Context: So you can have awesome long-term relationships and teach others to do the same. So, you can breakthrough any relational challenge and help others do the same. So you can model to people everywhere what it’s like to be a relational warrior. So, you can help Jayson build an army of relational warriors who will infiltrate the schools teaching kids how to have amazing interpersonal and intimate relationships.

Cost:  If paid in full: $8500. Payment Plan: $1055/month over 9 months or $840/month over 12 months.

Requirements to play: In order to qualify for this group, you must:
1. Apply (see below)
2. Acquire at least one mentee or client in your life who agrees to have you mentor or coach them in their relationships.
3. Be a therapist, coach, or be on your way to be one.
4. Have taken my Relationship as a Path Foundations Course
5. If accepted pay $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot (repeat: deposit is not refundable).
6. Come every call with 2 questions, 1 client you need guidance around, a willingness to be coached on your issues and a willingness to be a practice coach.
7. Expectation that you will have 1 practice coaching session between live calls.
8. "Improving relationship skills" is in your top 3 in your Compass (POS), that way, you won’t miss live calls, you will do the homework, etc. (if it’s not, either get it up there or be honest that now is not the right time for you).
9. No formal 180’s on your clients until you get the green light from me. None of you are really ready for that. Much more to say on this during the training.
10. Make a 9 month commitment.
11. Be able to financially afford the training.
Background expectation: That you will live the work.

What will be our monthly structure?

  • TA all 18 classes in DPIR program in The School (every other Wednesday at 12:30pm MT)
  • Run a small group- Each month, you will lead a small group around the tools and you will evaluate the students on their grasp of the material.
  • Attend all of our classes live. We meet every other Tuesday for 2 hours from 12:30pm MT- 230PM MT. 
  • 1 15 min private call per month with Jayson
  • Practice coaching calls with class mates.

Name (required)

Age (Required)

Your email address (Required)

Where do you live? (Required)

Which courses have you done with me?

Why do you feel inspired to become a Relationship School Apprentice?

Are you willing to pay $897/month (or $7000 in full) to belong in this circle and get amazing challenge/support to sharpen your craft? (Required)

Speak to how you are going to fit this HUGE commitment into your life. Remember you will be required to be a student and a TA for the Relationship School. That means, you have 6 hrs/month as a student, then another 10 hrs (at least) as an apprentice. So, you will need 16 hrs/month to devote to this course. This includes study, practice, TA'ing, grading papers, and all formal calls. Are you committed to making that kind of time in your schedule? (Required)

You can make the live supervision practice sessions every other Tuesday at 1230pm MT? (Required)

You are willing and able to grade papers in a timely fashion (Required)

You are willing and able (or you will find some tech help on your own) to record Skype calls (and upload them to Vimeo, YouTube etc) with practice clients or clients so Jayson can review them (Required)

Are you willing (desire) and able (have the finances) to fly to Colorado for 2 live weekends (Sept 15-18 and May 18-21)? (Required)

What is your hunger level to keep studying with me? (be honest as we will see this if /when you stop making calls and don’t do homework) 0-10. 10 is “all in.” 0 = not at all. (Required)

Are you willing to be a mentor to people in The Relationship School™ and The Relationship School Community (this is optional)? (Required)

If you took on a new paying client in our community because one of them wanted to hire you, are you interested in doing a 60/40 split (Jayson/you) with Jayson on any clients you receive in the community and be supervised by Jayson? (Required)

Outside of your formal training in The School, are you willing to volunteer your time/energy to help Jayson grow his army of relational warriors for a period of time? (Required)

Are you currently seeing paying clients as a therapist/coach/counselor? How many? (Required)

How would you rate your relationship skills? (white belt, yellow belt, blue, red, green, brown or black – white is beginner, black is ninja (no one is a black belt). This is what your life demonstrates. (Required)

What is your relational superpower? Where are you already a relational badass? Please use a specific example to illustrate this. (Required)

What is your biggest relational challenge? Where are you struggling? (Required)

What are you going to bring (gifts, volunteering, truth, etc) to this small foundational tribe? (Required)

What other relationship training/life experience do you have that will make you an awesome apprentice? (Required)

Anything else I need to know or something you can do to help make all of this happen (experience with google hangouts, skype group calls, zoom, transcriptions, taking notes, planning a live weekend, logistics, admin help, networking, etc) (Required)