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Think for a minute or two about how many times you’ve been hurt in relationship. Specifically, think about the hurts that happened under the age of 25. 

Of those hurts how many were in your primary relationships?

Now, think for a moment how you got through it. Who was there for you? How did you deal? What support system did you have?

Did you just somehow managed to stuff it, suck it up, compartmentalize it, or maybe pretend like it didn’t hurt that bad, or perhaps you got through it okay because you somehow found a way? If you were lucky (or smart), you found a mentor or sought professional help and got some perspective. Or you found a safe place to cry or feeling your feelings about the hurt.

Whatever the case, you likely fumbled your way through it.

Because there was no relationship class in school, you lacked the guidance that may have helped you avoid, or navigate differently, the hurts you experienced, right?

Imagine for a moment if you not only had someone “post hurt” but you had some better guidance “pre hurt.”

Think about it.

Most people expect themselves to know how to navigate intimate relationships. I know it’s odd. “I’m supposed to know what I’m doing here” is a phrase that might barely slip through your mind because relationships are just a part of the water you swim in all day long.

People are wandering around in the dark and don’t even know there is an easier and more fulfilling way.

And because you didn’t know how (and perhaps still don’t), you get the results you got, then beat up on yourself or blame the person that hurt you.

So, if “relationship” is one of the most important factors to a well-lived life, then why are we not teaching it to kids and young adults everywhere?

We could debate the why for some time. But I find it more useful to just create a solution to what I see as an epidemic.

Kids who can’t navigate conflict turn into adults who can’t navigate conflict. Adults who don’t learn how to navigate long-term partnership well are adults who are more prone to loneliness, stress, dis-ease and illness across the board. One of the most challenging kinds of stresses we humans experience is stress in relationship to other people.

So, in the vein of addressing this big problem, I’d like your help.dali-lama on relationships

I started The Relationship School™ as a way to teach adults the class they never learned in school. Part of this mission is to reach teens and young adults before they get married or naively jump into long-term partnership with no tools.  is in search of a few good kids and young adults who want to be mentored on the art of intimate relationships.

And, in this first year, each adult student is charged with mentoring one young person as part of this foundational class. So, instead of serving 20 students, we can serve 40.

Here’s where you can help. We need 20 young adults who are willing and desire more education around intimate relationships.

If you know of someone, they can apply here. Just send them this link which will take them to a short application to apply to become one of our young adult mentees.

We have specific requirements to select the best candidates. See below for more info and to apply…

Thank you for your support!

Jayson & The Relationship School™ Community.

Yes, I’m a young adult who wants to learn more about intimate relationships!

Hey young adults and parents of young adults.

We are looking for young adults who want to learn how to have a successful long-term relationship, which will also help you improve your family, work, and friend relationships.

How cool would it be to easily work through conflicts with someone you love?

How amazing would it feel if you could get close to someone without fear of them hurting you?

What if you could listen to someone so well that they felt deeply seen and understood by you on every level?

What if you could talk openly about what you need in your relationships without the other person getting defensive or shutting down?

What if you turned “relationship” into one of your superpowers and it allowed you to choose your friends and get you more of what you wanted in life? 

Well, we can help…

The Relationship School™ needs volunteers/students who want to study this stuff and get good at intimate relationships. Our mission is to teach people the class they never learned in school–intimate relationships. It’s crazy we don’t teach kids how to do interpersonal relationships well. So, we are determined to offer awesome education to young people (and adults) in a grass roots effort to educate, inspire and guide young people into healthy, successful relationships.

Requirements to be accepted:

1. You need to be frustrated or in pain about relationships or you need to have a very strong desire to learn about human relationships.
2. You need to be between ages 16-24
3. You need to meet with your “mentor” 1.5-2 hrs/month and learn, take notes, and do some basic practices with your mentor over the phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person.

The class is called The Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships (DPIR), pronounced, DEEPER! Our formal class is 9 months long from mid-September 2016 through end of May 2017.

If you feel called to learn one of the most important skills you will need at every corner in your future life, then apply right here:

Yes, I’m a young adult who wants to learn more about intimate relationships!

And, if you want to learn more about the school….check out http://www.jaysongaddis.com/therelationshipschool/
or contact info@jaysongaddis.com. 

Let’s improve our own quality of life AND make an impact on this world by having amazing relationships!

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