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Dear growth-development oriented friend,

If you are half-way awake and you look around, you see there is a huge amount of suffering in the world. Not just far away, but close at home.

Behind your neighbors happy smiles lives a man or woman who feels deeply alone, even though they have hundreds of “friends” on facebook. Hell, they might even act happily married but deep down they have been on antidepressants for years.

And in the privacy of your own mind, you might admit that you too are suffering, at least some of the time, right?

And, if you look even closer, you see that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships. And if you have ever had a life-partner and you are disconnected or in a fight, life is just harder.

And, if you have a primary relationship that is stressful on a daily basis?  Your day is not only more difficult, your body feels the burden. And, the research is now clear how damaging it can be to our health to have unsatisfying or stressful relationships.  

You get this right?

Now, what’s interesting here is if we feel challenged or incompetent when it comes to how to have a successful long-term relationship, it is not our fault.

Because no one is taught us how to have a stellar intimate relationship. We were merely “shown” how to have a partnership by the people we were in most contact with such as our parents. And, no offense to them, but they had a lot of limitations. As did their parents, and their parents. And none of it is their fault.

None of our ancestors formally learned.

“How to have an Intimate relationship” was simply not taught in school, in church, in sports, or anywhere else in a formal way.

So, how do you expect to have a good one then? Well, if you do expect yourself to have a great relationship without ever learning, that would be like expecting yourself to be an Olympian without ever training. It will only lead to massive frustration and you beating yourself or your partner up over time.

So, you get what you got and unless you get an education and learn a different way, you won’t be improving your relationship skills anytime soon.

However, there is one way for us to change the generations of mis-education around intimate relationships...

Enter The Relationship School®.

The Relationship School® is my mission to help people learn the class they never got in school. The relationship school will teach everyday adults how to do this crazy thing called long-term partnership.

Learning how to do "intimate" relationships of course, only serves to help our family, friend, and business relationships as well.

In addition, The Relationship School® will train mentors and ambassadors who will go into schools and teach teens and young adults the very same skills, so they can grow up and rock their intimate and interpersonal relationships.

I know, my idea is bold and a little crazy. But with your help I know we can pull it off.

Why do I care?

  • Because I got bullied in high school
  • Because I didn’t know how to talk to girls
  • Because once I figured that out, I wasn’t being authentic, it was a game to get them to like me
  • Because I felt deeply alone
  • Because I thought about suicide in high school because I didn’t understand the point of life
  • Because my parents didn’t know how to connect with me
  • Because I spent my 20’s failing hard in my intimate relationships which added to a deep sense of inadequacy that I felt.
  • Because had I learned this class in school, I’m guessing I would have had deeper, more fulfilling, less painful relationship experiences
  • Because kids everywhere are like I used to be. Suffering, hurting. Feeling alone. Not just kids. Adults too. Loads of suffering.

The good news here is we have a massive opportunity to put a dent in this epidemic.

If you want to help me teach relationship to kids and adults, you gotta learn the skills first.

Hence, our inaugural 9 month training in Boulder Colorado that will train you to become a certified relationship mentor.

By training at The Relationship School®, you not only learn how to do intimate relationships, you will learn how to navigate extremely tricky people and dicey interpersonal conflicts in your work and family relationships.

You will feel like the most emotionally mature person in the room who can handle just about any relational dynamic. This feeling of true self-confidence is very satisfying.

Welcome to the tribe of people who will change the face of relationship education forever by being a living example of someone who has relational awareness, empathy, and literacy. 

Let’s do this!

Big respect,


P.S. Join us on The Relationship School® Bus and help us transform lives everywhere (while improving your own relationships!)!

Here's what you'll get when you get on the bus:

  • Become a member of The School and get in on this rare opportunity
  • The Map & Indestructible View
  • Relationship Tools that last a lifetime
  • The chance to become an apprentice if you successfully complete all your work and "graduate" from the school
  • How to guarantee success in long-term relationships

And, all of this:

  • Two live depth-charge relationship workshops in beautiful Boulder Colorado
  • Ongoing practice partners to master the skills with over an entire school year
  • A sense of belonging in a progressive, growth-development oriented tribe of relational warriors
  • A serious boost in confidence and self-worth as your slowly begin to "get" the skills in your cells

As you learn the skills, you will have the opportunity (if you feel inspired) to give back by helping us with our larger mission of reaching hundreds of thousands of young adults.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Dr. Gabor Maté

Relationship School® Ambassador 

Dr. Stan Tatkin

Relationship School® Ambassador 

Registration is open for the 2017-2018 School Year, leave your name and email and we'll be in touch to discuss registration.

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The school will be 9 months long with two live weekends:

September 29th–October 1st
May 18-20

All virtual classes will be every other Wednesday at 12pm Mountain Time.

Fall Semester Virtual Class Dates:

September 6
September 20
October 4
October 18
November 1
November 15
November 29
December 13

Spring Semester Virtual Class Dates:

January 10
January 24
February 7
February 21
March 7
March 21
April 18
May 2
May 16
May 30




The Relationship School® is school designed to teach you the the class you should have been taught in high school or college that covers everything you need to know about how to have a thriving successful long-term relationship.

While our context is "long-term partnership," the applications are far reaching.  This training will help you become a more effective listener and communicator which has far reaching implications for your life at work, home, and in any social interaction.

The Relationship School® is for any adult individual (or couple) that wants to get the fundamentals of relational empathy, awareness, and literacy dialed in for good.

The curriculum covers two semesters of intensive study on human relationships and relational psychology and is full of street-level tools and practices that anyone can learn and teach someone else. The 9 month training has two live-weekends that must be completed in order to graduate.

Our level 1 training is a mentorship course where after 9 months of training, you "graduate" as a mentor in The School. Once you become a mentor, you can move on to our apprentice program and or become one of our mentors that begins to offer relationship help to your larger community.





  • 2 live weekends in Boulder (Sept & May)

  • 2 classes per month for 9 months (18 1.5 hour classes)

  • 18 class model on 18 topics

  • Private FB community

  • Practice Partners

  • Small Groups

  • Relationship School® graduation certificate if you complete your work

Some Of What We Will Cover

Setting Context

  • The Indestructible View--What is it and how rock it
  • Love 360 defined
  • The main goal of a long-term relationship (secure homebase, growth, wholeness)
  • Intimacy defined
  • How to set context with others


  • Self-value
  • Believe your story, it will happen (visualization)
  • Deserving and what's in the way of your mindset
  • What part of the story matters
  • Mindsight vs mindset
  • Warriorship


  • The degree to which you know self, is degree that you know other.
  • NEST meditation
  • Personal responsibility
  • The self-knowledge inventory
  • 7 areas of self-knowledge

Your Operating System

  • Communication 101
  • Giving- how to communicate without losing people
  • Receiving--how to listen so others feel deeply understood
  • 4 layers of listening
  • Getting their world
  • The power of validation
  • Giving impactful feedback that serves

Psychology of Relationships

  • How we are wired and what happens as a result? Secure attachment
  • 2 core human needs
  • Core human wound
  • Your brain on relationship
  • Co-dependency and emotional fusion
  • Boundaries
  • How to repair immediately or else...

Re-Writing Your Story

  • Earning Love
  • How to Value Yourself so other people do
  • Trap of Happy
  • Shame and guilt
  • How to break fantasies and resentments
  • The 180 Clarity to Freedom Process
  • Agreements and context


  • Show up for every single class (if you miss one, you write a 1 page paper after watching the replay)
  • 6 reflection papers
  • 1 final paper fall semester
  • 1 final paper Spring semester
  • Semester reflection video (to share with group)
  • Books study: You will read one book per semester for a total of 2 books and write a report on each book.

Registration is open for the 2017-2018 School Year, if you're ready click the button below to apply.

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Ready to learn how to coach others?

Reserve your spot as an Apprentice if wanting a more advanced course

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The Relationship School®

Deep psychology Of intimate relationships Agreement

The Deep Psychology Of Intimate Relationships (DPIR) Agreement (“Agreement”) between the undersigned participant (“I” or “me”) and The Relationship School LLC, a Colorado limited liability company with a principal place of business at 2015 Balsam Dr, Boulder, CO 80304 (“TRS”) sets forth (i) the terms and conditions for my participation in the DPIR Training Program (the “Program”); and (ii) the terms and conditions that will govern my rights and obligations upon successful completion of the Program.   

The Relationship School™ is an instructional course developed by Jayson Gaddis for improving and mastering skills and knowledge necessary to achieve and maintain successful relationships. “Relationship Students” are individuals who have undergone a 9 month training program at The Relationship School™. I understand that, by signing this Agreement, I am entering into a binding agreement that governs my participation in the Program and my use of Program materials.

  1. Program Fees.  The total fee for participation in the Program if paid in full prior to August 1, 2017 is  $ 5,500 (the “Program Fee”).  Payment may be made in full in advance no later than August 1, 2017.  Alternatively, you may pay an initial deposit of $500 no later than June 21, 2017, with payments of $694 due by the first day of each month thereafter for nine (9) months.  The Program consists of approximately 36 course sessions over a nine-month period.  In the event of scheduling conflicts, individual Program training dates and/or times may be rescheduled in the discretion of TRS. Program curriculum may also change at any given moment. No refunds shall be provided for changes, withdrawals or missed training dates.
  2. Refund Policy. The deposit is non-refundable. No tuition refund is permitted once you have paid your tuition in full or enrolled in a tuition payment plan
  3. ROOTS Discount. Existing members of ROOTs are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition as long as the membership in ROOTs is paid and current through the duration of the School calendar year.
  4. My Rights as a DPIR Relationship student.  If and when I successfully complete the Program, I may refer to myself as a “Relationship School™ Graduate.”  I may not, however, mentor, coach, or conduct trainings or otherwise use the “The Relationship SchoolTM” name and logos (the “Relationship School Trademarks”) to provide coaching or other professional training services. I understand that, if I desire to provide professional services utilizing the Relationship School Trademarks, I must successfully complete a separate Coach Certification Training program through TRS.   I will not use Relationship School Trademarks in the name of my business, offer or sell any products under any of Relationship School Trademarks, or attempt to register any trademarks, service marks or internet domain names containing or confusingly similar to any Relationship School Trademarks.  Any use of Relationship School Trademarks or any other proprietary information or materials of TRS other than as expressly permitted in this Agreement shall be an infringement of TRS’s trademark and other proprietary rights and a breach of this Agreement.  I will avoid deceptive, misleading, or unethical practices in connection with the Relationship School Trademarks that are, or might be, detrimental to TRS, its business or the public
  5. Intellectual Property.  I acknowledge and agree that all instructions and materials provided to me during the Program, including, without limitation, written or printed documents, photographs, audio and video recordings, and software programs, and all copies and derivative works relating thereto, are the sole and exclusive property of TRS (the “Relationship School Materials”), including without limitation all copyrights therein.  I will not copy, reprint, display, publish or distribute copies of these materials without the express written consent of TRS (including, without limitation, over the internet).  Any use of the Relationship School Materials other than in accordance with this paragraph may result in liability for infringement of TRS’s rights in such materials
  6. Waiver and Release.
    1. I understand that my participation in the Program involves certain inherent risks, including without limitation discomfort related to the content of the Program and injury or damage resulting from interactions with others at the Program.  I freely accept and fully assume all costs, risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and other loss, delay or inconvenience resulting from my participation in the Program or my presence on the premises where the Program is presented.  I understand that TRS and its personnel are not responsible for the acts or omissions of other individuals or entities participating in or otherwise involved in the Program and I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless TRS, its employees, officers, managers, directors, members, contractors and agents (the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, causes of action, damages, losses, liabilities and demands (collectively, “Claims”) arising out of or resulting from or related in any way to the Program, whether caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or otherwise, and promise not to sue or assert against the Released Parties any Claims arising out of or resulting from or related in any way to the Program.
    2. I further understand that TRS or third parties may film, record, photograph or otherwise memorialize the Program or elements thereof for promotional, documentary or other purposes (collectively, “Recordings”), and I hereby consent to be filmed, recorded, photographed, or to otherwise have my appearance and participation in the Program recorded and such Recordings used by TRS in its discretion.  I understand that I will not be entitled to any payment or right to review or approve any use of such Recordings and that TRS or its assigns shall be the sole owner of all such Recordings and their contents.  
  • Indemnification.  I understand that my use of my Relationship Student status is my responsibility and that TRS does not conduct any ongoing oversight or instruction, or otherwise have any relationship or liability in connection with my personal or professional activities.  I will, at my own expense, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless TRS and its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from and against any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, including without limitation, suits for personal injury or death of third parties, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and expenses, for which TRS becomes liable or may incur or be compelled to pay arising from my actions or omissions or my breach of this Agreement.
  • No Franchise or Agency.  I am not, and will not hold myself out to be, a franchisee, employee, subcontractor, representative, affiliate or agent of TRS except as otherwise agreed upon in writing by TRS.  I agree that this Agreement contemplates a limited license of trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights only and does not establish a franchise, joint venture, agency, partnership or employer-employee relationship between the parties. I acknowledge and agree that my personal and professional activities are my own responsibility and TRS does not provide operating assistance of any kind in connection with any such activities.    
  • No Assignment.  Any rights granted to me under this Agreement are strictly personal and may not be transferred or assigned.
  • Warranty Disclaimers.  I acknowledge and agree that TRS shall have no liability to me as a result of or arising out of the Program, the Relationship School Materials, this Agreement, or any other materials or services provided to me by TRS.  TRS hereby disclaims any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding this Agreement and the products, services, or transactions contemplated herein, including (without limitation), any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement or implied warranties arising out of course of dealing, course of performance, or usage of trade.
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