Avoid Painful Fights, Affairs, and Divorce By Locking In These Bulletproof Agreements

The 10 Agreements Of An Indestructible Marriage

Get the extended 30 page ebook, video (of Jayson and his wife), and MP3 on why these matter so much.


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  • A 30 page ebook where you get total clarity on each agreement and why it matters
  • A 45 min video of Jayson and his wife discussing the basis of each agreement and how they live them
  • A stealth & bonus 11th agreement!
  • Two mp3's that disect each agreement so you can listen while you drive, walk, run, or do dishes

I have been digesting the Ten Agreements for some time now.  I feel and believe they are AWESOME and will form a solid foundation for my relationship with my wife. In time, I feel she and I can likely add to them. What I intend to do is live my life and relationship with them as the basis of my actions. It’s that simple.

Dan, Colorado