3 Mistakes That Are Driving Your Man Further Away

What if I told you that I used to be one of the most emotionally unavailable men out there?

What if I told you I was shut down?

What if I told you I did everything I could to avoid a fight and absolve myself of responsibility?

What if, when we struggled in a relationship, I’d blame you, and find faults with you, so as to not date you anymore, all so I could keep avoiding whatever the hell was going on on my side?

Would you still want to date me as the detached guy that I was?

You might…

And, you might even be dating, or married to, this guy, right?


Because, unconsciously, you are attracted to this type of guy (that’s another story).

And because without really realizing it, you are invested in your pattern of “helping” a struggling man.

It’s true…

Fortunately for me, and my wife, I’m no longer this guy.

And, every woman I dated prior to my wife tried pretty damn hard to help me, to crack the code of my heart, to open me, to get inside my head.

Yes, I was this guy for a long, long time (real pic of me in the video below). That was…. until I cracked.

But my “crack” wasn’t because of my girlfriend’s trying to help me.

My relationship failures had reached an all time high. It felt horrible.

I was done. I had to get this part of my life handled.

So, I did.

And, I learned psychology, started to meditate, met my wife, and became a relationship coach and expert, to help others have breakthroughs like I had.

And, here’s the thing, you are not alone, nor is there anything “wrong” with you. It’s just that your approach isn’t working and you could use some help. Countless women are out there trying to help “checked out” guys like me.

So, I’m going to ask you to stop doing three things right now.

Watch this short, educational video.

If you are the one trying to improve your marriage and your spouse is a little stuck, or disinterested, for whatever reason, watch this:

To review, the three mistakes are:

E: Expecting him to be who you want him to be. When you expect your man to live up to your unrealistic expectations, he will disappoint you every single time.

Learn when is it okay to have expectations of him and when it’s not.

I get it. You want him to reach his potential, that’s why you love him. But this is hurting your relationship.

H: Hoping he will change and hoping your relationship will get better. I see this one all the time. Hoping everything will get better. Hoping your man will wake up one day with a grand epiphany that he loves you and wants to learn and grow alongside with you to make your marriage better! Not so much.

Using hope to improve your relationship is like hoping you make more money in your life or hoping you get happier—just with hope! That will get you where you are—frustrated, fed up, and feeling like a victim.

H: Helping him when he’s not asking for it. Ever try to stop an alcoholic friend from drinking every day? It doesn’t work and if it does temporarily, they are quitting for you, not themselves. The only way for a person to get sober is on their own. You can’t do it for them.

Your man doesn’t want help (at least not in the way your giving it to him). If he did, he’d ask for it. Treat him like a grown up and trust that if, and when, he needs help, he will ask.

Also, there is a much more effective way to help him, but more importantly there’s a much more effective way to help you get what you want–your connection with him, right? Sure, you want to help him, but let’s be honest, you want him back, you want him to connect with you, to meet you, to understand you. Yes?


Okay then, here’s your first step:
Go do this one proven method that will turn him, and this whole issue, around for you.

The 1 Proven Method That You Can Use to Get Him To Care About The Relationship Again.


Remember, your way has him feeling judged and criticized, even though you are trying to help!

And, remember, this is coming from a guy who was the man you’re married to. I was a very “resistant” man for many years. I had my reasons why and understanding those reasons will be important to getting under the hood of the male brain and why we do what we do…