Apply here to be our Director of Business Management and Operations

We are at a critical phase where we cannot continue without an extremely solid person to help pull off our bold vision of bringing relationship education to 1 million young adults by 2026.

Your role:

You will be helping me run my business operations through excellent leadership and management skills and organized systems. You’ll be my right-hand man or woman, helping me to expand the Relationship School & the Smart Couple to reach hundreds of thousands of students while becoming an ever more profitable company. So, you will need to have extremely strong leadership skills as well as extremely strong tech skills in the virtual space.

We will go over exact details and what our business goals are if you make it to the interview process.

Where you live

Must live inside the US or Canada with preference given to Boulder/Denver residents.

Work from home (or wherever you want to be inside the US), and set your own hours.  We move fast and are putting a serious dent in helping a huge number of people with their relationship problems.


You'll start at 30 hours per week, and could move up to 40. Pay range is $30-$40/hour, depending on your experience.

Who You Are:

  • A student of the work. You are in up to your elbows with what I’m teaching. You’ve done a course with me (or 2 or 3!) and you are actively using the skills and tools in all areas of your life. You not only believe in what I’m up to, you see the need for it in the world and want to use your creativity and energy to make that happen. You want to have a very close hand in helping the Relationship School™ reach 1 million young adults in the next 10 years.
  • Solid at running an online business. You have experience running an online business and managing a team. This is not an entry level position. I need someone who can jump in and take me and the Relationship School™ to the next level. Business operations are your jam, especially a virtual business.
  • Extremely organized and efficient. You are fast, efficient, innovative, creative, self-starting, dedicated, and most of all YOU ARE AN EXTREMELY ORGANIZED human being.
  • Systems. You are able to create repeatable systems for efficiency. You take your organized mind and create systems that others can learn from.
  • Manage your time. You are able to manage your time with a wide open schedule. You know how to create work blocks with specific projects and take them to completion. You don’t allow interruptions to take you off course.
  • Innovative and creative. In all areas of your life, you find ways to make things better and more efficient. You see the weak points and come up with ways to make them stronger.
  • Communication. You communicate clearly and openly using our tools and seek to improve even more.
  • Deadlines. You Meet deadlines, goals, and expectations and when you don’t, you’re upfront with ownership as to why not and what will have you gain trust again.
  • Confident. You, like the rest of us, have insecurities, but yours are not in this area. You feel most confident in helping someone run a business with a bold mission.
  • Tech & Virtually Proficient. You are very comfortable in the online world and you love technology. You use apps on your phone, you sync things easily between your phone and laptop, and you geek out on how the virtual world makes things even better.
  • Marketing. You have a basic grasp of my marketing and marketing in general.
  • Goal setting. You understand the value of goal setting, timelines, and measurable objectives. You live this way in your own life, not to perfection, but you do it with things important to you in your own life.
  • Self-Directed. You are a self-starter and are self-directed. You look above and beyond the tasks that need to be done to see the whole picture. You’re not waiting around for someone to tell you what to do.
  • Feedback. You are coachable, open to direct feedback, both giving and receiving it.

You have some skills and experience with:

  • Ontraport or another CRM (Infusion Soft, Aweber, etc.)
  • WordPress. Solid with wordpress as a non-developer. You’re comfortable in the backend of websites. Coding experience is not necessary, but you can dive in and figure things out when needed, put up a squeeze page, change a testimonial around, or edit copy. If Jayson wants a quick sales page up, you can make that happen without a lot of direciton.
  • OptimizePress/Leadpages/other online website building software. You can build a sales page or landing page quickly using this software because you’re not a developer.
  • Google Business Apps/Calendars (you rock google docs, and google sheets and can also use word or excel when need be. You also know how to set up google email, and manage users in Google Apps)
  • Business Operations/Management. You have helped run a six figure business no problem and are eager to meet the challenge of taking a six figure business into a 7 figure business.
  • Managing, training, and running a team. You feel confident managing others and leading people. You can take a small team and get them working together toward a common goal.
  • Webinar Software (gotowebinar, zoom, webinarjam, etc)
  • Sales funnels. You know what a sales funnel is and you have experience building and executing them.
  • Stripe (or other payment gateway) you can link paypal, stripe, square or other payment gateways to our site, our bank, and the customer interface.
  • Digital products. You know what this means from a consumer standpoint and business standpoint.
  • Digital product and Course Launches. You’ve had experience carrying out successful online product or course launches.
  • Voxer. This is one of the key ways we communicate.
  • Asana. This is the project management software we use as a team.

If this is you, fill out the application below by Wednesday, November 30th, Midnight Mountain Time.

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