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fight more effectively and efficiently!

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Tired of Overreacting During Fights?

Calm Yourself
down in minutes

before you say or something you'll regret

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In These 6 MP3 Tracks I'll Show You...

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    Why meditation is necessary if you want to learn how to do conflict
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    A simple guided mediation to do when you are REALLY upset...
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    How to set a boundary so you can actually get space to calm down
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    Exactly how you can calm yourself down in the midst of any fight or argument
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    How to "come back" and repair after you've calmed down
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    Another guided meditation to connect to the part of you that is very hurt, and young

about your guide

Jayson Gaddis
Marriage Coach & Relationship Educator, The Smart Couple

jayson Gaddis was one locked up guy until he started to see
that running away from conflict was only keeping him from the love he
 wanted, jayson spends most of his day helping others have
 the relationship they went.

These recorded meditations have been very helpful in connecting with my childhood wounds and resulting coping patterns. The significance of their positive impact on my perspectives of who I am and where I come from in terms of my experiences and personal history cannot be overstated. I am grateful to have found them and grateful for Jayson taking the time to record them and make them available in an easy to access format.


do you really want to fight
for 3-4 hours, and let it
drag into the next day?

hell no! give me the mp3s already... it works!

now only $1