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Today you will get INSTANT access to the complete End the Struggle With Him Course, including 5 modules with video and audio versions that you can listen to and download, and homework assignments, as well as a live private support group via Facebook.

You will also get INSTANT access to Get Him To Open Up (ebook and video class) and The 4 Steps to Connect Emotionally (video, ebook, cheat sheet + bonus 2 hour class).

Finally, you’ll get access to two other audio recordings that you can listen to and download: Self Love: How To Get Your Non-Negotiable Needs Met By Him (plus over an hour of Q & A where Jayson coaches women on their exact situation), and How My Wife Got Me To Put Two Feet In (a groundbreaking call where my wife shares our struggles and how she got me to completely commit to her).

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Heather Robinson Heather Robinson

I took Jayson's course a year ago and my relationship with my husband has changed dramatically! We are closer than ever emotionally, our sexual intimacy is stellar, and we have a strong spiritual bond. It took us 7 years to get here and this course was invaluable! Thank you Jayson Gaddis!

Melaney G Melaney G

Jayson’s course was transformational! In years of radical personal growth, I haven’t found anything that comes even close to his material, in terms of practicality, mindset, clear usable examples, hands on coaching and real life daily application!

Q:Is this course right for me? Meaning, will it “work” for me?

A: Even if your situation feels unique If you listen carefully, do the homework as I lay out, connect with other women, and challenge yourself, you WILL get a result. It might be huge, it might be small, but something will shift for you.

Q:What If I’m single?

A: No problem. About one third to one half of the women who take this course are single. Why? Because they don’t want to repeat patterns and attract another unavailable man. They end up learning a ton about their patterns and see how their behavior has impacted their past relationships in a hurtful way.

Q: Jayson, what if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

A: End the Struggle with Him comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

I’m so confident in the program that you will get every penny back within 30 days. You can read more about the refund policy on the sales page, but here is the essence of it:

Important: To be eligible for a refund, I require your completed homework from the first three classes, as well as a written description of the changes you were making and the results you got.  This means you must apply my teachings to your life and your relationships.  I know that if you do, you’ll get results.  But If you do the work and don’t get value, then I don’t deserve your money and I’ll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.

I do this because I’m looking for serious and committed students only. I take my learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of truth, integrity, encouragement, and inspired, action-oriented learning.


Jayson is a renowned Relationship Expert, Writer, & Teacher and the host of the Smart Couple Podcast. His work reaches students in over 100 countries around the world.

In 2002, Jayson, after over a decade of being emotionally shut down, hit a wall in his relationships after his 7th failed relationship. That day he decided to overcome his failures and do something about it. From then on he was on a mission to better understand himself, men, and intimate relationships. He got a masters degree in psychology and counseling and eventually became a licensed therapist. Jayson worked with families, couples, and individuals while taking every supplemental relationship training he could get his hands on. He began helping other men unlock the frozen fear that held so many men back in their relationships. He eventually began to coach couples on how to have fulfilling long-term relationships. After a while, more and more women reached out to him trying to understand men, and more specifically emotionally unavailable men.

Jayson is successfully married to his beautiful wife Ellen and they have two children and live in Colorado. He teaches his students how to turn any relationship pain into love.