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The Single Most Effective Tool To Get Him To Open Up And Talk About His Feelings

​(Without Triggering His Defensiveness And Without You Tip-toeing Anymore)

​​​​You will also learn:

​✓ The simplest hidden question that will get him to open up (Not asking this question is a big mistake)

How to find out how important (or not) your relationship is on his priority list

How to stop tip-toeing, which just irritates him more

My super embarrassing story that had me finally “crack” my heart open and get my act together

A great homework assignment you can do, with or without him that will change the way you communicate with him, forever

What I learned from "failing" at trying to help shut down men

I​ did not expect this class to catapult me into a new understanding of how I was doing relationships, but that's exactly what it did. Jayson offers tools and insights that are not to be found elsewhere and he sees straight to the core of relationship issues.

Laura Williams

United States

​Jayson, I learnt a lot just from your class and I must say you really know what you're talking about. You are definitely talking about my guy here. I know he loves me but he is exactly what you have described and I definitely haven't been helping the situation. So thank you for helping me see and much love.


​Brooklyn, United States

About Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis, relationship expert and host of the Smart Couple Podcast, is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school–”How to do intimate relationships.”

He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to master relationships. Now, he’s married to his amazing wife of 8 years and has two beautiful kids. When he doesn’t live and breathe this stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.



​​G​et him to open up and talk about his feelings ​without triggering his defensiveness and without you tip-toeing anymore

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