Is Your Man Pulling Away?


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I was a shut down guy, then I tried to help him for 2 years!

Is your man shut down?

Hi, my name is Jayson Gaddis, and I’m a relationship coach.

That’s a far cry from the beer drinking buddy I used to be. From adolescence to about age 30 I was a very emotionally shut down guy. This is one of many photos of me back in the day...

I always had a girlfriend, but the moment they’d want or need something more from me, I’d shut down. The harder they tried to get me to open up, the more I pulled away.

Beneath my mask, I was super sensitive. I had so much potential.

I’m guessing it was pretty frustrating to date me since I often said I was “fine” but in reality, I was hiding behind a wall (and I wasn’t fine).

After many failed relationships, I had a massive breakthrough. You’ll never guess what actually worked (more on that inside).

Because I was so determined to help men like my former self, I started a business called “Revolutionary Man.” The sole purpose of this business was to reach shut down and emotionally stuck men. I really wanted to help them. I wanted to help them avoid the pain I had to weather.

I spent two years of my life devoted to trying to help emotionally unavailable men. And, after banging my head against the concrete wall of men’s hearts everywhere, I quit. I felt like a total failure. It sent me into a mid-life crisis that lasted over a year. And, this was during the first year as a new dad. The demands of supporting myself and my family had me crack.

Long story short, I learned a lot from that brutal experience…

And, now I want to save you some sleepless nights, headaches, and heartaches.

The good news I was in so much pain about relationship that I became a “relationship expert”.

Yup. I’ve spent well over 100,000 studying myself and others and what works and what doesn’t when it comes to long-term relationship and intimacy. It’s my life now.

Specifically over the past many years, I’ve been developing and refining how I work with couples when one person (often the man) has pulled away. It’s now something I specialize in and I help women from all over the world with this exact issue.

I’ve created a very specific way to help shut down men, and the women who date or marry them.
My approach works everytime…

...and it’s nothing like therapy or reading a book.

I see couples waste thousands of dollars on counseling when it’s not really what’s needed. Not to mention the sleepless nights, and hours and hours of stress and anxiety that come with relationship struggles and tension.

So, if you want to really transform your relationship by helping yourself and helping your man, you MUST go about it completely differently.

That’s why I’m offering you a very simple, easy to implement secret that will get him to shift within a day.

I’ve made this as simple and accessible as I can for you.

You have nothing to lose by trying this free technique, right?

Oh, and after you try it and it works, if you’re open to it, I want to send you the 3 big mistakes you make when trying to help him. These are the same mistakes I made when trying to help men for 2 years in my defunct business and these are the same mistakes all the women I dated made when trying to get me to not pull away anymore.

Knowing these are crucial to turn your relationship around.
I’ll also share what had me “crack” and go from a super shut down boy-man to a very loving and present husband and father.

So, give it a try! Just leave your name and email and within minutes you can implement this simple secret and within hours you’ll be seeing a shift.

Thanks again,


p.s. This is me with my wife and kids now. Yes, we sometimes struggle too. But our struggles are not about this type of issue anymore. We need every little drop of our energy to meet the incredible demands of our lives, raising a family, and living the kind of life we want to co-create. You can too!

Just leave your name and email below!

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Me and my family this past summer in Rocky Mountain National Park


"Jayson, I attended your webinar (had to take time off work to do it) and I took your advice to take my hands off the steering wheel, so to speak. I did that in addition to expressing my appreciation for things that he does right and just those two things alone have made our household a bright, pleasant place to be and stopped our fighting and alleviated our tension. Amazing! Of course I want to continue learning from you. I am 100% sold."

- Rebecca

"I have listened to your lecture every day and it is helping me find myself again! Thank you so much! I've already seen a change in my man, your advice is invaluable!"

- Shollie



I am surprised by the effectiveness of your work. It is exactly what I needed and was ready for.


This process seems to work like magic. I am already feeling so much more nurtured and noticing a difference in the way my husband is acting. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours on various counselling/self help avenues and none have shown so much success so early on. In fact I am aware that part of my co-dependent pattern is spending a lot of time and money on getting "professional help" to "save me". That is why this process is so brilliant--it teaches me how to fish instead of just handing me a fish and telling me to come back every week for more. I feel so grateful.



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