Finally! Take The Class You Were Never Taught In School.

Intimate Relationships 101


And join the movement to bring Relationship Education to Life!

Dear growth-development oriented friend,

If you are half-way awake and you look around, you see there is a huge amount of suffering in the world. Not just far away, but close at home.

Behind your neighbors happy smiles lives a man or woman who feels deeply alone, even though they have hundreds of “friends” on facebook. Hell, they might even act happily married but deep down they have been on antidepressants for years.

And in the privacy of your own mind, you might admit that you too are suffering, at least some of the time, right?

And, if you look even closer, you see that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships. And if you have ever had a life-partner and you are disconnected or in a fight, life is just harder.

And, if you have a primary relationship that is stressful on a daily basis?  Your day is not only more difficult, your body feels the burden. And, the research is now clear how damaging it can be to our health to have unsatisfying or stressful relationships.  

You get this right?

Now, what’s interesting here is if we feel challenged or incompetent when it comes to how to have a successful long-term relationship, it is not our fault.

Because no one is taught us how to have a stellar intimate relationship. We were merely “shown” how to have a partnership by the people we were in most contact with such as our parents. And, no offense to them, but they had a lot of limitations. As did their parents, and their parents. And none of it is their fault.

None of our ancestors formally learned.

“How to have an Intimate relationship” was simply not taught in school, in church, in sports, or anywhere else in a formal way.

So, how do you expect to have a good one then? Well, if you do expect yourself to have a great relationship without ever learning, that would be like expecting yourself to be an Olympian without ever training. It will only lead to massive frustration and you beating yourself or your partner up over time.

So, you get what you got and unless you get an education and learn a different way, you won’t be improving your relationship skills anytime soon.

However, there is one way for us to change the generations of mis-education around intimate relationships...

Enter The Relationship School™.

The Relationship School™ is my mission to help people learn the class they never got in school. The relationship school will teach everyday adults how to do this crazy thing called long-term partnership.

In addition, The Relationship School™ will train mentors and ambassadors who will go into schools and teach teens and young adults the very same skills, so they can grow up and rock their intimate and interpersonal relationships.

I know, my idea is bold and a little crazy. But with your help I know we can pull it off.

Why do I care?

  • Because I got bullied in high school
  • Because I didn’t know how to talk to girls
  • Because once I figured that out, I wasn’t being authentic, it was a game to get them to like me
  • Because I felt deeply alone
  • Because I thought about suicide in high school because I didn’t understand the point of life
  • Because my parents didn’t know how to connect with me
  • Because I spent my 20’s failing hard in my intimate relationships which added to a deep sense of inadequacy that I felt.
  • Because had I learned this class in school, I’m guessing I would have had deeper, more fulfilling, less painful relationship experiences
  • Because kids everywhere are like I used to be. Suffering, hurting. Feeling alone. Not just kids. Adults too. Loads of suffering.

The good news here is we have a massive opportunity to put a dent in this epidemic.

If you want to help me teach relationship to kids and adults, you gotta learn the skills first.

Hence, our inaugural 9 month training in Boulder Colorado that will train you to become a certified relationship mentor.

Welcome to the tribe who will change the face of relationship education forever.

Let’s do this!

Big respect,


P.S. Join us on The Relationship School Bus™ and help us transform lives everywhere (while improving your own relationships!)!

Here's what you'll get when you get on the bus:

  • Become a founding member of The School and get in on the ground level of this rare opportunity
  • The Map & Indestructible View
  • Relationship Tools that last a lifetime
  • The chance to become a mentor if you successfully complete all your work and "graduate" from the school
  • How to guarantee success in long-term relationships

And, all of this:

  • Two live depth-charge relationship workshops in beautiful Boulder Colorado
  • Ongoing practice partners to master the skills with over an entire school year
  • A sense of belonging in a progressive, growth-development oriented tribe of relational warriors
  • A serious boost in confidence and self-worth as your slowly begin to "get" the skills in your cells

Space is Limited, so put in your non-refundable Deposit Now


The school will be 9 months long with two live weekends:

September 16th–18th
April or May 2017 (Dates TBD)

All virtual classes will be every other Wednesday at 12:30pm Mountain Time.

Fall Semester Virtual Class Dates:

September 21
October 5
October 19
November 2
November 16
November 30
December 14

Spring Semester Virtual Class Dates:

January 4
January 18
February 1
February 15
March 1
March 15
April 12
April 26
May 10
May 24
June 7


Insert your sub headline here to support your main headline…


The Relationship School™ is school designed to teach you the the class you should have been taught in high school or college that covers everything you need to know about how to have a thriving successful long-term relationship.

While our context is "long-term partnership," the applications are far reaching.  This training will help you become a more effective listener and communicator which has far reaching implications for your life at work, home, and in any social interaction.

The Relationship School™ is for any adult individual (or couple) that wants to get the fundamentals of relational empathy, awareness, and literacy dialed in for good.

The curriculum covers two semesters of intensive study on human relationships and relational psychology and is full of street-level tools and practices that anyone can learn and teach someone else. The 9 month training has two live-weekends that must be completed in order to graduate.

Our level 1 training is a mentorship course where after 9 months of training, you "graduate" as a mentor in The School. Once you become a mentor, you can move on to our apprentice program and or become one of our mentors that begins to offer relationship help to your larger community.





Full Pay: $5,000

Payment Plan: $650/month ($5,850 over 9 months)

Note** There are only 24 seats in the inaugural year of the school.
First come, first serve.


  • 2 live weekends in Boulder (Sept & April)

  • 2 classes per month for 9 months (18 1.5 hour classes)

  • 18 class model on 18 topics

  • Private FB community

  • Practice Partners

  • Small Groups

  • Relationship School graduation certificate if you complete your work

Some Of What We Will Cover

Setting Context

  • The Indestructible View--What is it and how rock it
  • Love 360 defined
  • The main goal of a long-term relationship (secure homebase, growth, wholeness)
  • Intimacy defined
  • How to set context with others


  • Self-value
  • Believe your story, it will happen (visualization)
  • Deserving and what's in the way of your mindset
  • What part of the story matters
  • Mindsight vs mindset
  • Warriorship


  • The degree to which you know self, is degree that you know other.
  • NEST meditation
  • Personal responsibility
  • The self-knowledge inventory
  • 7 areas of self-knowledge

Your Operating System

  • Communication 101
  • Giving- how to communicate without losing people
  • Receiving--how to listen so others feel deeply understood
  • 4 layers of listening
  • Getting their world
  • The power of validation
  • Giving impactful feedback that serves

Psychology of Relationships

  • How we are wired and what happens as a result? Secure attachment
  • 2 core human needs
  • Core human wound
  • Your brain on relationship
  • Co-dependency and emotional fusion
  • Boundaries
  • How to repair immediately or else...

Re-Writing Your Story

  • Earning Love
  • How to Value Yourself so other people do
  • Trap of Happy
  • Shame and guilt
  • How to break fantasies and resentments
  • The 180 Clarity to Freedom Process
  • Agreements and context


  • Show up for every single class (if you miss one, you write a 1 page paper after watching the replay)
  • 6 reflection papers
  • 1 final paper fall semester
  • 1 final paper Spring semester
  • Semester reflection video (to share with group)
  • Books study: You will read one book per semester for a total of 2 books and write a report on each book.

Space is Limited, so put in a
non-refundable Deposit Now.


I'm not ready to put a deposit down, but I'm 100% on board with the mission and want to be involved.