Hey Brother,

Thanks for giving me some feedback about why you didn’t join the RSW course.
Guess what the number one reason was?


Some men also said it wasn’t the right time. Other men wanted to dive in but missed the deadline due to travels etc. Damn.

Now, if you feel like you got your relationship and sex life dialed, no need to keep reading. However, if you struggle in some way, carry on…

…So, I’ve talked this over with my wife and team and come to a conclusion. I decided that I’m going re-open the doors to this powerful training, but with a twist.

Why? Because you are the type of person that gets the potential power of this type of course…

However there’s absolutely no way I can let any more of you into the live training due to the personalized nature of the coaching program.

Plus, our ship has already left the harbor. There’s no turning back.

However, I do want to let a FEW more serious men get access to the training materials inside the program.

And that’s why I’m emailing YOU and the list of other men who seemed very interested.

Because YOU clearly demonstrated that you’re serious about learning to become a relational and sexual warrior.

So, here’s the deal…

Right now, you can get access to the same training modules that the men inside the “RSW” live course are getting. And, we just rocked out our first class yesterday. It was soooo good! And, man, the shares these men had… Whoah!

The men already learned a powerful tool that will lead to more and more self-awareness–one of the keys to better relationships (and a better relationship with yourself too!).

This tool (and the others I taught yesterday and in the course) will be yours for life if you want it.

In total, there will be well over 10+ hours of video training, once we complete the 90 day experience. Every other week, you’ll get an email with the fresh course content so you can follow along with us.

If you want to jump in today, you will get access to ALL the Audio Recordings as well. That way, you can play them back and review them any time (this will come in handy next time you feel lost and hopeless with your partner or when feeling ashamed or locked up emotionally).

You’ll also get access to all the PDF exercises and homework in the program so you can work at your own pace.

Now, you will NOT get any kind of group or private consultations with me or get access to the private facebook community.

However, you WILL get access to the private members area where you can download all of the material inside the program.

And, if enough men sign on, I’m going to create a private facebook group for you all to connect, practice and challenge each other to go to the next level (totally optional, but I find these groups invaluable for sharing, supporting, and challenging each other with the content).

Remember, the dozens who’ve already joined, paid $797.00 in full, or 3 installments of $297 for the material inside the live program.

However, right now, you can get access to all training materials inside the program for less than the price of one therapy session per month–$147.

So, instead of running your story with a therapist and getting zero accountability, you can spend that same amount of money on this ball-busting content that’s actually going to get you a result in your life.

And, it’s even cheaper for you if you pay in full today.

That’s almost 50% OFF the price of the live course!

Yikes! Why am I doing this?

I’m listening to your feedback. And, I want to remove any excuses or barriers to entry here. Enough men spoke up to get me to budge.

And, remember, I guarantee my work, so if you don’t like it, just ask for a refund and you can have your $$ back.

I’m really trying to help you here [First Name].

It makes no sense to me why men wait until they ruin another relationship to act. But we guys can be stubborn and also think we’ve got the wheel, when we actually don’t.

I want you to get this part of your life handled so that when the shit hits the fan (because it will), you have the foundational tools to work through ANYTHING!


…no more shame bombs in the bedroom.

…no more wasting money on counseling that doesn’t really work…or teach you the valuable, repeatable skills to get comfortable with any conflict or argument.

…no more heartache…

…Just practical tools that get the connection back and increase fulfillment.

But, here’s the deal…

I’m only going to open the enrollment to the course for the next 72 hours. (essentially just this weekend) Monday at noon MT, 11am PT or 2 ET our doors close.

This will give you a chance to go through Module #1 and start practicing!

To enroll, go here >>

Okay, I think you get it. This will help you, big time.

Talk soon!

Jayson. 🙂

P.S. So, after you enroll today, you’ll immediately get access to Module 1 which covers:

    • Logistics
    • NEST Meditation
    • 3 big issues that cause all the pain and bullshit
    • The Indestructible View
    • Love
    • Tools for Module 1
    • The goal of your relationship
    • Agreements

  • And more!


Just remember… you need to enroll before Monday at noon MT.

Grab your spot here >>

P.P.S. I’ve re-opened the free webinar again in case you wanted to get some immediate tools and instant support for free. It will also explain exactly what’s covered in the full course.
To enroll, go here >>