Is Your Man Pulling Away?

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I was a shut down guy, then I tried to help him for 2 years!

Within a few minutes, I will reveal exactly why your approach of helping your man could be driving a bigger wedge between you and him.

I'm going to offer you one extremely valuable technique you can do today that is guaranteed to turn this dynamic around and get you the clarity, and relationship, you desire.

Not only was I some version of the guy you are with (shut down and unavailable), but I tried for over 2 years to help guys like this. And, that business failed!

Needless to say, I know your man well, what works and what doesn't.

It's time to learn a method that works and gets you want you want---a very connected, inspiring relationship.

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"Jayson, I attended your webinar (had to take time off work to do it) and I took your advice to take my hands off the steering wheel, so to speak. I did that in addition to expressing my appreciation for things that he does right and just those two things alone have made our household a bright, pleasant place to be and stopped our fighting and alleviated our tension. Amazing! Of course I want to continue learning from you. I am 100% sold."

- Rebecca

"I have listened to your lecture every day and it is helping me find myself again! Thank you so much! I've already seen a change in my man, your advice is invaluable!"

- Shollie



I am surprised by the effectiveness of your work. It is exactly what I needed and was ready for.


This process seems to work like magic. I am already feeling so much more nurtured and noticing a difference in the way my husband is acting. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours on various counselling/self help avenues and none have shown so much success so early on. In fact I am aware that part of my co-dependent pattern is spending a lot of time and money on getting "professional help" to "save me". That is why this process is so brilliant--it teaches me how to fish instead of just handing me a fish and telling me to come back every week for more. I feel so grateful.



I Want Him To Pay Attention To Me
50% Complete