Use The Power Of Community To Improve Your Marriage – SC 51

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Do you have any friends in your life that lovingly challenge you? If not, you’re missing out on big growth that could help your primary partnership.



  • Why loneliness can literally kill you. [2:30]
  • The trap of only relying on your partner for support. [7:02]
  • How you can speed up the learning in your relationship. [9:45]
  • A great way to kill your sex life with your partner. [11:00]
  • When it might be a good time to get new friends. [12:30]
  • The first person who told Jayson he was full of shit (and why he loved it) [15:45]
  • How to skillfully use judgment to help your friends [17:30]
  • How to show up more powerfully when visiting your family. [20:55]
  • Jayson’s invitation. [27:10]





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