Hi and thanks for your interest in working with me. As you know I have a boatload of free resources for you all over my site, including the blog, podcast, and free video classes.

However, you’re here now because you want a deeper dive with me.

It’s very important to know that I work with very few people privately (single, dating, or married) due to my full schedule. I LOVE working 1:1 with people but my schedule only allows a little bit of time for that.

Here’s a big disclaimer:

I used to practice as a licensed psychotherapist. However, I found that model extremely limiting for the work I do with people. Not only that, but therapy tends to attract people who want to vent and blame and not take full responsibility for their lives. So, this is not therapy. Repeat. If you want counseling or therapy, I don't offer that.

Next, I cannot, and will not, work with you if you are unwilling or unable, for whatever reason to make working with me a top priority. That means if I give you homework, you complete it. You are ready to take action to get a big result.

What I do goes far beyond coaching or therapy. I’m not really sure what it is, but I’m able to see you and help you transform your pain into love so you can live a super inspiring life and have an indestructible partnership with your partner, or future partner.

Now, enough rambling, listed below are several different ways you can work with me. First, let's start with more focused FREE help:

Free help

Other than the hundreds of free blog posts on my site and the free podcast, periscopes, and webinars I do, you can get more great free support here:

The Smart Couple Group.

If you listen to my podcast and want some peer support with like-hearted people and fans of the podcast, ask to join here:

The Cock-Talk Virtual Men’s Community

Not just for any guy. This is only for brave men who are into growth and development and are willing to give and receive challenge and support to other men. This is a requirement to get access to my paid men-only experiences.


To get access, leave your email here:

The next level is to invest a small amount to get a great deal. Below are a few paid group experiences.

Community & Group Coaching

  1. Join My Relationship School Community to get live group coaching 2x/month, plus a backlog of 65 hours of audio, video, and PDF, to help you take your relationship to the next level. You can pay monthly or upfront for a year and save. You get access to a private facebook group where people practice, share, and get support from each other in an ongoing way.

Cost: $47/month to belong to this amazing growth-development oriented community. Application only at this point. You can apply here.

Requirements: Just a commitment to grow and develop your relationship skill set.

  1. The Relationship School. With ongoing enrollment, you can join this year-long committed program any month you like but must commit to a year. Each month we cover a different theme such as context, boundaries, listening, conflict, communication mastery, and loads of practice. This is for folks completely committed to mastering relationship. You understand it takes a year-long commitment to get the tools in your bones. You are willing to make a year-long commitment with no backing out and if you do for whatever reason, you do not get a refund.

Requirements: A one year commitment to completely dial in your relationship life and relationship skills. Application only. And, no refunds once you get in no matter what. You completely commit to a one year training with me in order to ensure your relationship success.


  1. Mastermind Apprentice Program: A seven month commitment for people who have already taken courses from me and want a more advanced training. Details to come. Email if interested. This will be a separate application process.

All of the above are great ways to start enhancing your relationships and you're getting that you will need community support in order to make that happen.