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I help entrepreneurial couples create an epic marriage & extraordinary family life


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​So Why Should I Hire You?

  • Because I have built two business that failed
  • Because I failed in every single relationship until I met my wife
  • Because I failed to take care of my health until I was 40
  • Because I blamed everyone else for my problems
  • Because I had commitment issues
  • Because I had lots of friends but felt alone inside
  • Because I felt lost and purposeless in my life which created a massive amount of pain for me
  • Because I had money issues
  • Because I’ve been deeply deeply hurt


Hmmm. That’s a lot of negative shit there…True.


But I’ve experienced the pain of all of it and I finally took matters into my own hands, went deep, figured somethings out and have earned hard one knowledge that I like sharing with people who are equally as committed as I am. 


I’m still learning and training every day.

So, why hire a guy who has failed so much?

Imagine you are going into battle and you had to choose a leader to help you..


Who would you hire?

  1. A smart ivy league graduate who got a 4.0 GPA who never failed at anything. He went to work for Goldman Sachs right out of school and has never traveled. He makes lots of money, but has no connection to himself or his wife or his kids?. He has lots of superficial relationships where the conversation surrounds politics, news, work, sports and other status-seeking achievements? 


  1. The dude in a t-shirt with dirt on his face, dried tears on his sleeve,and real and raw relationships built on truth-telling and going deep. An entrepreneur who understands building a business from the inside, while simultaneously starting and growing a family. A psychology nerd who has scars all over him from hard-won lessons on the battlefield of the human journey. A speaker, author, and teacher who has trained thousands of married people in the art of human connection and empowerment?


I think it’s a no-brainer. 

I have coached hundreds of leaders and people all over the world.

I’ve coached hundreds of married individuals and couples

I’ve taught thousands of people about relationships.

I’ve trained and certified hundreds of coaches.

I’ve helped countless parents, partners, and people.

I’ve saved marriages and helped people get divorced.

I’ve helped businesses grow and increase profitability while increasing impact.


I help people get results like: 

  • A secure and strong partnership that lasts a lifetime
  • A better relationship with themselves
  • Total clarity on hard relationship decisions and the courage to execute them
  • Emboldening leadership skills at work and home
  • Scaling businesses and teams
  • A parent who bonds more deeply with their children, no matter the age




I work with people who say:

  • I’m willing to learn
  • I’m willing and able to apply myself until I get a result
  • I’ll do whatever it takes to get the result I want


I can’t promise you magical fairy tales about relationships or leadership.

I can’t force you into becoming a badass communicator.

I can’t wave a wand to fix your marriage

And I definitely can’t lift the metaphorical weights for you.

But what I can guarantee is that if you apply yourself in our work together, you will become a different human being.

You will begin to appreciate and respect the human journey by going far deeper into yourself.

My ideal client has the following traits:

  • You are married and committed to that marriage
  • You are a parent
  • You are an executive, CEO, Founder of a successful company

  • You’re an entrepreneur or have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Committed AF to get a result
  • You’re a student of life – You know how to learn
  • You’re successful already in some area of your life
  • Money is not an obstacle
  • You are self-aware


Our work is to help you earn true wealth, feel less stressed, and more empowered as a leader at work and at home. I can assure you that if you choose to work with me, your life will change. But, I expect you to play full out.


If this interests you, apply below…

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