Jayson speaks on 3 main topics: Leadership, Human Behavior, Relationships. He’s been speaking in a variety of settings since 2005 and taught thousands of people all over the world in free and paid settings. He’s created and led dozens of courses and trainings. He’s spoken at events, in hotels, restaurants, weddings, bars, back alleys and of course over zoom!

It’s one thing to hear a Professional Speaker, It’s another to go on an emotional journey and leave with practical steps on what to do next…

Here’s a 5 minute sample of Jayson Speaking at Ignite Denver

Shattering the Fantasy of Marriage in 5 Minutes

Jayson is able to get to the heart of the matter with your audience and leave people deeply impacted, inspired, and ready for more. His no-nonsense, embodied, raw, heart-felt style brings audiences into the very moment where true lasting change can happen.


Spoken Word Poet

Jayson has an incredible skill as a spoken word artist. He has memorized and performed many spoken word poems, varying in length from 3-8 minutes long! They are thought provoking, confronting, emotional, and fun.

Here’s his latest poem

The Solution to You Being a Mess

Here’s Another 20-Minute Talk from Jayson

How to Overcome Rejection

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