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Jayson, your coaching helped me identify my deepest values so as to make decisions that were congruent with what I wanted most. You helped me identify and break some relating patterns that have impacted my entire life—some of which were previously unconscious. It felt so empowering to be able to change the relating patterns and end the struggles with deep clarity and confidence. You are the real deal. Thank you for serving me powerfully at this critical juncture in my life."

Vanessa Horn
Vanessa Horn Speaker | Author | Business Coach

I never hesitate to introduce anyone to Jayson's teachings, and I'm realizing as I write this how rare that is. I've had the privilege of knowing him personally for enough years now to see he actually lives what he teaches, he seriously challenges anyone near him to live their best Right Now, and he's rigorous about no fluff...only results you can actually 'shake a stick at'. I want everyone to have a coach in their life that's a deeply happy person themselves and actually skilled enough to help you find your unique best. Whoever you are I'm glad you've happened upon Jayson Gaddis.

Decker Cunov
Decker Cunov Consultant & Mediator / Founder of Authentic World / Co-founder of the Integral Center

"Jayson is one of the best relationship teachers I have worked with. He lives what he teaches and walks his talk as fully as anyone I've ever met. He's helped me tremendously to come into right relationship with myself and with my intimate partners."

Ali Shanti
Ali Shanti New Economy Personal Finance & Business Expert
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“Jayson Gaddis has what I call the ‘hawk eye’---his ability to see through the noise and BS of our lives into what really matters. Jayson also possesses a beautiful heart and tact for delivering potent feedback that inspires one to make brave, transformative changes.

I’m one of those people he continues to inspire.”

Tripp Lanier
Tripp Lanier Host of the New Man Podcast

I've been benefitting from Jayson's thought leadership and skillful facilitation for over a decade since first encountering his important contributions in the men's work community. But having worked in the relationship practice field with many teachers over the years, what I see sets Jayson apart is his razor sharp discernment, inviolable integrity, and dogged commitment to his own growth and development. He's willing do and say what so many are unable to--and that's been a blessing in my life and that of 1000s of others!

Robert MacNaughton
Robert MacNaughton CEO The Integral Center

With a wide-open and curious heart, Jayson is a radical, powerful man devoted to serving the authentic full-throttle expressions and healing of the masculine and feminine; whatever it takes, however it looks. To do this he has offered his own life as practice, in transparency, in humility and fierce truth…holding nothing back. I am honored to consider Jayson a colleague, a brother and a dear friend.

Christiane Pelmas
Christiane Pelmas Founder, The Magnificent Lover

The efficiency in which Jayson helps couples connect to the actual source of their struggles, & the exquisite ways he helps them untangle their knots and deeply evolve is outstanding. I’ve seen him easily help relationships that no other coach, counselor or therapist could. Jayson is truly the most clear, skillful and concise relationship coach that I know of, especially considering his capacity to help, teach & guide an incredibly broad range of people. Most importantly, he is loving, humble and walks the talk like a true samurai.

Michael Vladeck
Michael Vladeck Parenting Teacher & Coach

Avoid Pointless Fights, Have Better Sex, And Dominate Your Life Together

Get The Smart Couple's Marriage Success Map

I Want the MAP!