Most Men are Holding Back in their life. 3 tips on How to Step Up.

When I look around my life I can honestly say that in I’m going for it in most areas of my life.  However, at the same time, I realized how much I am holding back in my career. I work with many men and women individually and when I am with them, I’m there, present, astute, available. But in the bigger picture, I am capable of much, much more.

I also realized that in the area of exercise I have been holding back as well. As an athlete who pushed myself most of my life, my body is pretty jacked up. That became an excuse to not find my way with my physical workouts. So, a few weeks ago I signed up with a friend at the boxing gym. Needless to say, it’s kicking my (more…)

A Man versus A Conscious Man, what kind of man are you?

A Man finds a good stable job. A man finds a good stable partner or wife that doesn’t challenge him too much, but a relationship where they become best buds.

A man might have a kid or two, buy a nice house and a car or two, and begin paying down his 30 year mortgage. A Man likes other people to tell him how to live his life, how to act, how to think and how to be. He makes a lot of decisions based on what others will think of him.

A Man makes up a lot of stories about how good and bad, right and wrong. A Man might believe that if you (more…)

Welcome to Revolutionary Man Blog

Hello friends,

If you are a man and you have some reasonable talents and gifts, you are needed. The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. It’s time to Man Up.

This blog serves as a resource for men to challenge one another into greatness.

This blog is NOT for status quo dudes, or guys that want to be comfortable, secure and safe.  This blog is for men that want much more out of life than the American Dream.  A man who is willing to lean into the sharp end of the knife, take bold risks and explore his “edge” thoroughly.

This site is for courageous leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and fierce champions of truth. It is for men (more…)

Manhood, Hero's Journey, & "Into the Wild"

Many weeks ago my good friend Tripp Lanier and I led a discussion at the Boulder Integral Center on how the movie “Into The Wild” may represent one man’s unconscious attempt at self-initiation. This is the third formal dialogue between Tripp and I on the subject of the journey into manhood. Tripp is the hilarious host of the popular show The New Man Podcast. You can check out our past dialogues here. Or you can check our interview in What is Enlightenment Magazine.

The discussion centered  around the movie’s main character Christopher McCandless and how his tale is akin to The Hero’s Journey as discussed below. It was a lively, intimate discussion about a man’s search for (more…)