Four Practices to Keeping Your Heart Open, Even When It Hurts

picture-1Recently Bill Harryman blogged about chapter two in David Deida‘s book Way of The Superior Man titled “Live with an open heart, even if it hurts.” When I first read this years ago I thought to myself, “Are you nuts?”

Living with your heart open is a rich, unexplored part of the path for most men. Many men keep their heart closed their whole life, never opening up even to their spouse or intimate partner.

I was that guy until about age 30—walking around with a puffed out chest and (more…)

The Enneagram: A Simple, Must-Have Tool on the Path of Personal Development


I used to think most personality tests were pretty lame. Even the Myers Briggs. What do they really tell me about myself that I don’t already know?

Well, I have since been very humbled by The Enneagram which revealed that I was a type-three!

This modern psychological tool is used by millions across the world for more self-understanding and self-actualization. The symbol is shown to the left.

The symbol itself is said to date back (more…)

Feel Your Feelings

I was emotionally shut down for years. Every woman I dated had to deal with my inability to identify a feeling. She would ask, “Hey is something bothering you?” I would reply, “No, I’m fine” with a hint of defensiveness.

The closest I ever came to identifying what was really going on was “I’m in a funk.” Many folks know this as feeling off somehow or my personal favorite, “I’m in a bad mood.”

Underneath such comments is an entire emotional landscape that remains largely unexplored. The metaphor I like to use is (more…)

Personal Revolution Day 1


Please join our tribe of 8 men as they begin the process of going big and going deep. Stay tuned each week as I blog our progress and give some instruction. Want to change your life and become the man you are supposed to be? Then join us.

Starting May 2, 2009, eight lucky men will join me for an intense 108 day personal development training. Get ready to change your life in a radical way. The purpose of this (more…)