Birthing the Self

Artwork by J. Gaddis

Artwork by J. Gaddis

Any serious practitioner on the spiritual path knows that in order to grow and evolve you must also die.

For some of us, that means experiencing many metaphorical deaths and re-births throughout our entire life.

Death and birth is just the way of Life.

Resisting this creates suffering. Fighting nature’s rhythms only adds more pain to the path.

In my relentless (and even neurotic at times) quest to wake up, I have experienced some of these deaths and re-births, with the latest one being the most significant to date.

And for the past many months I have experienced something very new in the midst of the death/rebirth cycle I find myself in.

Here are three key insights about what I’m learning.

Insight number 1. Freedom in the unknown

As of late, I have not been active on my blog or my email list.

I find myself at a loss for words. Not much to (more…)

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