Taking a Risk

Every now and then, a song comes along that cuts straight into my soul.

I had been feeling a little stuck.

Then I listened to this song. It brought me to tears, twice (Thanks Indigo for sending this along).

It woke up the dreaming child in me. It helped me get unstuck in 6 minutes.

What I love most about it is his playful, cosmic message to simply take a risk. And that’s what I’m about to do…

Nahko (Medicine for the People) from The Portland Sessions on Vimeo.

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Surrendering Into Greater Love

Photo By Joshua Levin

As many of you know, I have been in a massive surrendering process for almost two years now.

My habitual “push” is getting less and less air time and my willingness to surrender and trust is becoming more of a daily reality.

My ongoing softening process has been facilitated largely by my children. They continue to chisel away at my defenses and blocks, opening me to more and more love.

I’m also getting support from my wife Ellen, Megan Eggers, David Cates, meditation, and the occasional ayahuasca dive.

More support recently came from an experience at the Authentic Community Leadership course led by Decker Cunov, Kendra Cunov, and Bryan Bayer of Authentic World.

I helped facilitate small groups throughout the weekend around the subject of community leadership. Yet, largely the weekend was about relationship practice—seeing and being seen.

I got to work alongside new and old friends and a few folks from Authentic World team, mainly Decker, Kendra, and Bryan. I learned a lot from them and it felt so awesome to be humble enough to learn from my peers. I am pretty much the only facilitator not trained in their modality of “circling,” yet they trust me enough to do my thing (more evidence that I’m okay just as I am).

And, on the very last night with two hours to go until (more…)

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