Meet Jayson

Photo by Sean Morgan

Photo by Sean Morgan


“I help you take your relationship pain and turn it into love.”

Jayson Gaddis — is THE breakthrough marriage and relationship coach for smart, successful, people. He gets you the relationship results you want, fast. He’s very efficient and only works with the most motivated of individuals and couples who really want to change their patterns for good. He will teach you how to use conflict to transform your life and your relationships for good. Jayson has a sixth sense when it comes to conflict and can get to the core of any conflict within an hour. He teaches virtual relationship empowerment classes to students around the globe.

He’s a husband and part-time stay-at-home Dad getting schooled by his two cosmic kids. His family is the center of his Universe and when he tries to wiggle away from what he teaches, his wife and kids hold him accountable to living it, daily.

Jayson is also passionate about masculinity. He runs ongoing men’s groups, men’s leadership experiences, founded the Men’s Leadership Training, Boulder Men’s Experience, and  Jayson is looking to provide his 5- year old son a smooth, conscious path toward manhood.

Even though many of his school teachers said he sucked at writing, he writes anyway for for The Good Men Project & Elephant Journal. He’s also written for The Jungle Of Life, Primer Magazine, Integral Life, and Recovering Yogi.

Jayson’s Personal story.

My “story” is relevant here because relationship was THE factor that got me to wake up out of the fog and the trance I was in to see a deeper path to my life.  And, relationship is what this website is about.

Relationship pain was the thorn in my side that had me seek out help. When my sixth or seventh relationship failed, I finally asked “what if I’m the problem?” It was relationship pain that cut through my habits and strategies and had me finally self reflect deeper than I ever had before. In that moment I was able to consider a new perspective—that my challenges pointed back to me. That moment was empowering because I began the transition from blame to responsibility.  Wait, if it was no longer “her fault” and instead something was going on in me, and if the source of my relationship issues was living in ME, well, I had some work to do and things to uncover and discover. The adventure had begun.

photo by Ania Chapska

photo by Ania Chapska

Jayson’s credentials:

  • Founder, BoyStrong
  • Found, Boulder Men’s Experience
  • Co-visionary of Beyond Gender & Healing the Gender Divide
  • Co-visionary of Community Practice Day
  • Visionary and host of the first ever Evolving Men’s Conference
  • Blogger and writer for Integral Life, Primer Magazine, Elephant Journal, and The Good Men Project
  • Visionary and designer of the men’s leadership training
  • MA in Counseling & Psychology (3 yr training) from Naropa University
  • Former Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Certified Gestalt Therapist (3 yr training)
  • Completed year-long Trauma Training with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • EMDR level 1
  • Designed, visioned, and facilitated over 25 wilderness rites-of-passage trips for men

Current & Past Experience

  • Founder & Facilitator–Mens’ Leadership Training
  • Private Relationship Coaching Practice since 2006
  • Founder, Revolutionary Man (now dissolved as of 2010)
  • Facilitator of Men’s groups and co-creator of Men’s Group 101
  • Facilitator Authentic Man Program Colorado and the RedPill weekend
  • Family Therapist, Monarch Center
  • Family Therapist, Longmont Mental Health Center
  • Crisis Worker, Emergency Psychiatric Services
  • Group Facilitator SOAR High School
  • Drug & Alcohol Instructor, Boulder Public Health
  • Lead Instructor and Founder, Innernature Wilderness Program
  • Lead Instructor, The Outward Bound School
  • Lead Instructor, Second Nature Wilderness Program
  • Teacher, The Waterford School
  • Leadership Consultant, Beta Theta Pi International Fraternity
  • Head Ski Coach, Snowbird Developmental Ski Team