Relational & Sexual Warriorship For Men

Turning Your Intimacy Weaknesses Into Ball-Busting Superpowers.

Jayson is the most knowledgable man I know concerning the dynamics and challenges of relationships…

And He has a gift for turning those challenges into rocket fuel for your own personal growth, so you maximize your power in the world.

Andy Drish Co-Founder, the Foundation

I never hesitate to introduce anyone to Jayson’s teachings, and I’m realizing as I write this how rare that is. I’ve had the privilege of knowing him personally for enough years now to see he actually lives what he teaches, he seriously challenges anyone near him to live their best Right Now, and he’s rigorous about no fluff…only results you can actually ‘shake a stick at’. I want everyone to have a coach in their life that’s a deeply happy person themselves and actually skilled enough to help you find your unique best. Whoever you are I’m glad you’ve happened upon Jayson Gaddis.

Decker Cunov Consultant & Mediator / Founder of Authentic World / Co-founder of the Integral Center

In 90 Days From Now You Will Become

A Warrior In Your Life

A man who does not have the proper context in his Life is lost at sea. It’s time you learn an indestructible framework for Life.

A Relational Badass

Perhaps the most important modern day skill is the ability to connect deeply with other people, especially with your chosen life partner.

More Sexually Empowered

Sexual rock stars don’t exist. Real men who learn about mature sexuality do. Come join the fun and be your relaxed self.

Calling all warrior-like men…

Look at any great athlete, champion, leader, hero, or badass.

They all have one thing in common.

They overcome adversity big time. They face their challenges, even when they are afraid.

And, even though it looks like they do it single handedly, they actually don’t.

They don’t go it alone. None of them.

Let me explain…

…Any legend, myth, or epic story throughout time involves a central character–the hero. That character is you.

And the character in the story is often surrounded by at least a few people who help him or her out. Without these people, the central hero couldn’t make it. Even loners like the Hulk and Batman have help.

Back to you…

So, if it’s true that you are the main character in your life, with your body and your c*ck, chalked full of your issues and talents, how are you navigating your hero’s journey?

My guess is you have some good days and some bad days. You probably also struggle and compare yourself to other guys. Due to your conditioning, you might even pretend like everything’s fine.

But here’s the deal…

..struggle is important. Your struggle is very important.

It doesn’t matter what challenge is going on in your life, it’s all happening to you for a reason.

That reason is simple:

So, you can be, and become, all that you are.

Adversity builds strength and character.

Your trials are precisely yours because they are happening to you. Therefore, it must also be true that you are the person to face the music that is playing everyday. No matter how painful or blissful, it’s yours to face so you can transmute it and learn the lesson therein.

Moreover, you are the person you’ve been waiting for, to meet your life, your one precious life, head on.

So, you have two choices.

  1. Turn toward your challenges and engage, or
  2. Run away and distance.

Before I started working on myself, I chose option 2 every time. I ran away from my relationship problems. I hid my sexual problems.

So, of course, nothing changed.

Not until I put all my chips in option 1 did my life begin to turn around.

So, I applaud you for being here. You are likely the kind of man who will, in this moment, choose option 1.

Join me and a small band of warrior-like brothers who can, and will, be more empowered sexually and relationally 90 days from right now.

Let’s do this!


Terrain We Will Cover
  • Trusting your life
  • Clearing your shame and using it to your advantage
  • Getting right with your cock
  • How to value you, even more
More Terrain We Will Cover
  • Finding your power and courage out of the ashes
  • How to reframe any challenge into your opportunity to get much, much stronger
  • How to create accountability in your life so you don’t lose
  • Be the guy in the room that can handle any emotionally charged upset or conflict with anyone
Your Guide For The Next 90 Days

About Jayson Gaddis
Jayson Gaddis, relationship expert and host of the Smart Couple Podcast, is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school–”How to do intimate relationships.” He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to master relationships. Now, he’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. When he doesn’t live and breathe this stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.

Introducing The R.S.W. Men’s Training…

Module 1

We don’t get off the ground until we thoroughly review how to make your Life completely trustworthy and indestructible no matter what you personally face. Learn how to turn any trauma into a triumph.

Module 2

Building Community. In this group, we understand the variables and key ingredients that go into relationship and life success. One of those variables is creating a team who has your back. We cover our core agreements, continue to set context, and teach you the beginning foundational tools that will carry you for the next 3 months.

Module 3

Feedback. Learning how to give a man proper feedback that will both challenge and support him is essential for you to go the distance and support your fellow brothers on the journey. Feedback is a skill that translates into any setting from work, to parenting, to your marriage. Receiving feedback without getting defensive is also a skill you will slowly master here.

Module 4

Relational Badassery. One key to living large in life is knowing how to listen like a beast. We will toss out your ineffective listening skills and replace it with rock solid listening tools that not only help you get the kind of connection you want, but also help you open your woman’s body and heart to you. The best listener always wins and you must learn how to listen in a whole new way.

Module 5

Conflict. No longer will you be a man who runs away, or defends himself when conflict rears its head in your intimate relationship. Learning how to navigate your relationships with the most difficult people in your life–partner, family, co-workers, authority figures. If you get “hooked” and turn into a little boy, you’re in for trouble. In this module, you learn how to put your big boy pants on with the basic tool box to have the relational advantage in any situation.

Module 6

Your relationship to Your cock. In this module, we get very vulnerable and very real about your relationship to your Johnson. This relationship is so primary that it can be the source of devastating problems for many men. So, you’ll get the basic program and download on “getting right with your cock” so that from here on out, you two are a dream team, rather than an arguing mess.

Module 7

Sex. Ah, yes. One of the most pleasurable and painful aspects of your life. How you do sex is how you do life. If you are honest, you have insecurities here that must be addressed before you ruin any well-intended relationship with your current, or next, lover. In this module, we dismantle all the BS introjects about how you “Should” be in the bedroom, and instead help you get in the driver’s seat of your inner stallion and how you actually are, when your heart is connected to your cock.

Module 8

Integration is everything. Here we solidify your next 90 day plan to stay on it with the tools and accountability using your small group. I will not allow you to leave this training with at least 2 accountability partners (ideally 4) who will track you, your progress and be willing to give you brutally honest feedback and hold your feet to the fire of your commitments. We part ways knowing you will continue to succeed.

One Payment of $397


Not only will you get 12 hours of amazing content over the course of three-months, you will become a sexually empowered, relational warrior who turns every challenge into an opportunity to become stronger, more agile, more focused, and more fulfilled in your intimate life.

Plus, you get this awesome bonus:

A Private Facebook Community

A private members only Facebook group that provides accountability. You’ll join a strong crew of men who “have your back” because they are holding your feet to the fire.

Jayson is a warrior. He lives and breathes relationship work. He’s helped me tremendously and if you take action on what he teaches you will have no other option than to go up to the next level in your life.

Steve Wright Health Engineer

Jayson is a powerful and effective leader and teacher who has been upleveling the quality of men’s relationships and lives for the past twenty years. He leads by example, bringing abundant passion, integrity, and transparency to every aspect of his work. He knows how to be gentle, and he knows how to be tough. I trust his mind, his heart, and his gut.

Josh Levin Life Coach, Psychotherapist

The tools that you have given me have finally awakened me from my disconnected self. I really enjoyed all the modules and feel very grateful for having taken this course and finally getting the courage to expose the truth about my relationship and sex issues. I got super inspired to work on my relationship and feeling better then ever. You have made my life a better life and I am grateful for that. Keep up the great work, you are inspiring us men to grow and to be better men. It his amazing how you can change when you try hard at relationships especially with the one inside yourself. What you have to teach is priceless. Of course I got tons of fear, shame and doubt but I learned to not run away, and instead to face it, because the reward is amazing! Thanks again Jayson.

Mickael Blanching 36, Married, Father

The benefits of the RSW course for me have been immense. I thought I was someone with a good capacity for introspection, but I was mainly a compulsive head-fucker. I feel like I am now using this self awareness better to zero-in on the issues and then take real action steps to deal with things instead of staying in my entitled childish position. Redefining notions like shame and guilt really keep me in check day by day. A lot is changing for me around reframing my thoughts and taking it easy on myself. That change of attitude allows me to create more genuine connections with people. I am deeply grateful for having a few men with whom I know I will stay in touch and keep working. Thanks for the opportunity, for the resources and for your example.

Corentin 31, Australia

My wife and I are back together. Big changes are underway and a new level of intimacy is happening between us. Your course has been very useful to me. I am way behind on the modules. Thanks for providing such solid platform to enable us to find a new foundation in our relationship.

Dion Shane Parker 40, Helicopter Pilot

One Payment of $397

You can’t lose with this incredible guarantee!

I’m so absolutely sure that this 30-day course change your life, that I’m offering a risk free 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason this course does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you on one condition. Click here to read my full Refund Policy. You have nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.
  • I'm single, will this do shit for me?
  • A.
  • Please stop seeing you being single as a problem when learning relationship skills and badassery. Now is the time to concretize your relational arsenal so that when you enter a relationship, you are equipped to face more of you so that you can connect with her much more deeply.
  • Q.
  • When will the classes be available?
  • A.
  • All of the classes are available as soon as you sign up! I’ll send you an email each week to remind you to get in there and work with a module.
  • Q.
  • When this training is over, will I have access to the course materials?
  • A.
  • Yes. You will have access to the course for a minimum of 1 year and likely longer.
  • Q.
  • Is there a payment plan?
  • A.
  • Of course. As stated above you can pay in full or in 3 monthly installments. Very little good comes out of paying nothing for something. Men who put skin in the game, go the distance. Like any normal guy, you too can make this happen, even with your paycheck. Invest and watch the results start to happen.
  • Q.
  • Is this in person and do I need to live in Colorado?
  • A.
  • No. This is a 100% virtual training. You can live anywhere in the world to make this happen. Virtual settings are perfect for self-study from home.
  • Q.
  • Can I access this training from my smart phone?
  • A.
  • Yes. If you are like me, your phone goes with you everywhere and so you have access to this course at the tip of your fingers. You can log in to the members area and listen or watch previous modules.