Dwelling Versus Feeling

Dwelling on something is different than feeling it.

When I DWELL on some issue, I’m mostly just thinking about it. It has a flavor of heaviness and stress. It doesn’t feel good and I delude myself into thinking i’m feeling it. It’s a side step because I’m afraid to feel a strong emotion or sensation. Then it might come out as a complaint about some aspect of my life. I might even act like a victim because I’m not over some issue that’s been going on for quite a while.

FEELING an issue on the other hand, is to come into direct contact with the emotion and/or sensation by feeling it, all the way down, in my body. It burns and can be very intense, but it’s like a wave, it just moves through me, if i let it. In my experience dwelling prolongs and creates more suffering for myself, while feeling discharges raw inner material and helps me grow stronger.

depression, feel your feelings

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  1. bro, you are so f-ing on it, imo. Much appreciated.

  2. Your dwelling is what some call ego attachment to thoughts whearas your feeling would be called being present with, or an observer of thoughts. Attaching to them makes them seem more real but observing them shines light on how unreal they are.


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