Better is not something you wish for, it’s something you become

Jim Rohn said, “Better is not something you wish for. It’s something you become.” 


Why does this quote matter so much? 


Well, it confronts what many of us fall prey to, wanting a better relational life. 


So long as we “hope” or “pray” for a better relationship without doing any of the work required, we’re doomed to feel shame and inadequate. 


In my own life, I’ve had to become a better version of myself every year. I might be unique because I enjoy pushing myself in many areas. 


I get it. Not everyone is like me. 


But the laws of human behavior dictate that if you want to get good at anything, you must put in the effort. 


I’m a big fan of growth and development because I can’t imagine living the way I used to before working on myself. 


And before working on myself, I dabbled. 


But the biggest issue was that I genuinely thought the results were due to what was outside of me. In other words, if she changed, I would get what I wanted. 


As you know, this is a deadly trap in a relationship. You are putting the results of your desired outcome in someone else’s hands. 


You would never blame your gym or personal trainer for YOU not getting in shape, right? It’s on you to get in shape, always. No one can get you in shape but you. 


It’s no different with relationships. 


It’s on you to make yourself better. 


And by “better,” I don’t mean to suggest you are not lovable as you are. Better to me means an even more authentic, honest, deeper version of you. 


When we are genuinely ourselves, we get what we want relationally. 


Make sense? 


Okay then, my question is this. 


Are you going to put effort into becoming a better, deeper, more awesome version of yourself or not? 


I’m in. 


Are you? 




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