Meet My Team


Scott manages the operations and systems of our rapidly expanding community.  He brings a career of small business ownership and non-profit leadership to The Relationship School®.  Scott values living a life of service to others and his greatest joy is found in spending time with his wife and two young children.

Scott Director of Operations

Dan wrangles the bits and bytes of Jayson’s teachings into consumable chunks of listening material.  His career has been a patchwork of professional music work, music teaching, audio production and marketing automation.

Dan Digital Content Manager

Ali is Jayson’s trusty sidekick by managing his calendar and correspondence. She brings her love of planning and organization to The Relationship School® Team. She resides and thrives in Boulder, CO where she lives a very active and health conscious lifestyle.

Ali Virtual Business Manager

Jennifer weaves threads of learning, practice, and teaching into a tapestry of connecting and helping others in The Relationship School®. Whether she’s facilitating the ROOTS Community, supporting students, writing social media content, or coaching, she finds the path of relationships rich and rewarding.

Jennifer The Relationship School® Liason

Malika is here to support you, the customer at Jayson Gaddis and The Relationship School®®.  She thrives connecting with others as a counselor, women’s health care advocate, and yogic practitioner. Valuing the art of creating healthy relationships led her to the Relationship School® and working for Jayson.

Malika Customer Service Liaison

Hannah Leigh is The Relationship School®® multimedia geek. Media files, recording equipment, websites and editing software are the tools of her trade. As a radio host, audio/video producer and freelance journalist, Hannah Leigh is passionate about the use of multimedia for social change and community improvement. 

Hannah Digital Content Producer