Ask Jayson is a segment of the Smart Couple podcast that features actual questions submitted from awesome people just like you! We are gearing up for the launch coming soon. But in the meantime, I want to collect a few of your questions so I can begin this portion of the podcast.

Why Ask Jayson?

I get heartfelt stories and questions everyday from people like you who want to improve their relationships.

So, I decided to dedicate part of the Smart Couple Podcast to me answering questions from listeners. It’s just easier than email.

Each Q & A show will be shorter.  It’s an awesome, organized way to deliver even more value to you and the entire SC audience. Plus, you can rely on having something new in your ears each week from people who are going through similar challenges.

Submitting a Question to Jayson

I want this podcast to be enjoyable, personal, and useful to all people who are looking to empower their relationships. So let’s keep it real and sensible, okay? Please use common sense and be considerate with your questions. That way we can all benefit. Here are some guidelines to ensure your question is qualified to be featured on the podcast:

1. Please be courteous with your question length. Keep your question concise and to the point, no longer than one minute. If it’s longer, I probably won’t pick your question. I don’t need a ton of backstory.
2. Please share your first name and where you are from.
3. Any spam-like questions or language that is disrespectful or obscene will not be considered for the podcast.

All you need is an Internet connection and a microphone to establish a personal channel directly to me! You can also listen to your recording before you send it.

If you don’t want to use your voice, please email [email protected] and label the subject line “podcast question” and our team will add your question to the cue.

Please note that by submitting a voice message question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the podcast. Click here for more details on the Terms of Use.

Note: It’s impossible for me to get to everyone’s question—you may not receive a direct response to your question. I will answer qualified questions as they come. However, if your question has already been asked by someone else, I will have to move on to the next one. Most questions get answered at some point so keep listening to the podcast! If your request is time-sensitive, then email me directly. It can take us a week or longer to listen to new questions. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for listening!


  • Leslie Benson

    Reply Reply November 30, 2015

    Hi Jayson,

    I’m curious if you know of any online forums where high level conversations around relationship are happening? Maybe a badass, well-monitored facebook group?

    I’m interested in putting things out to the “hive-mind” when certain questions come to mind… but only to people who are – as you so lovingly refer- “relationship geeks.”

    Does this exist? If it doesn’t… damn, it would be awesome if it did!!

    Thanks for bringing your genius into this world! I value it so greatly!

    ~Leslie Benson

    • Michelle Lankins

      Reply Reply May 11, 2016

      Did you get it response to your comment? I have the same question and cannot afford any other avenues.

    • Shawna

      Reply Reply February 22, 2017

      Hi Leslie, thank you for your question. We actually have that exact thing!…a Facebook community, the Monogamy & The Smart Couple, there are a lot of people willing to engage in conversation and support each other in there. You will need to be accepted but there is a lot of support.

  • Dina

    Reply Reply January 21, 2017

    You posted something about when a man tells you that he loves you, but he’s not in love with you. But I can’t find any place to get more information. Could you please tell me.

  • Renae S

    Reply Reply February 20, 2017

    Hi.Would a man tell a woman that she is the first person he has ever given his heart to and doesn’t know what to do with those feelings,and loves her with all of heart.leave and come back several times then leave to be with someone else and then contact her after 6 months to tell her that it isnt working out with this other person. She tells him that she is never coming back. Would he had meant the things that he said? Would he run away from these feelings since he has never had them before? (he us 40) this relationship lasted for 1 1/2. I am very confused on this whole relationship. Please provide some clarity so I can move on

  • Betheny

    Reply Reply February 25, 2017

    Hey Jayson my name is Betheny. My fiance and i have beeb together for 7 years and we love each other to pieces but the spark is no longer there. Any ideas on how we can get it back.

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