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Below are just a few of the interviews and courses that Jayson has been featured on.

ManTalk Podcast with Connor Beaton

Are you happy with the communication and flow of your relationship? Are you getting your needs met? Beloveds this is such an important topic. We can all improve our relationships as spiritual practice, for our growth and our happiness. Jayson Gaddis is an expert on the topic and he shares his most valuable tips and tools.


Dr. Jessica Higgins Podcast – The One Relationship Type That Leads To Lasting Love with Jayson Gaddis

Jayson talks about relationship pain and growth, the three relationship types and what to do if you and your partner have different types. This will especially be true if one of you has the growth and development type and your partner does not.

Dating Skills Review Podcast – What Affairs Tell You About You and Your Relationships with Jayson Gaddis

Jayson gives his perspectives on why people have affairs, how to avoid having them in the first place and gives some tools to strengthen your relationship.

The Integral Center – Relationship As A Path with Jayson Gaddis

In this conversation with Jayson Gaddis, we discuss relationships as personal development and spiritual practices in our daily life. The more we give attention to them, the more we can grow, find peace, and be of greater service to the world.

Conscious 2 – Relationships as a Spiritual Path with Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis talks to Alex Howard about how relationships can be used as their own source of spiritual growth.

Matt Ritchey, Lifestyle Architect – Build Lasting Relationships with Jayson Gaddis

Matt discusses confrontation, intimacy and more with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis.

Knowledge For Men Podcast with Andrew Ferebee: Live With Your Heart and Discover Yourself

Andrew and Jayson talk about self-responsibility, asking for help, self-worth, masculinity and more.

Mike Hrostoski & The School For Men: What LSD Ayahuasca & My Wife Taught Me About Intimacy

Mike interviews Jayson on his personal journey, monogamy as path of personal growth, psychedelics, and the fastest way to end fights with your partner.

Inner Gladiator Podcast – The Initiation into Manhood with Jayson Gaddis

Max interviews Jayson on what it means to become a man, purpose, identity, how to deal with judgment and the power of men’s groups.

Personality Hacker Podcast – Three Styles Of Relationships with Jayson Gaddis

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis about three styles of relationships… two often lead to divorce and one leads to incredible fulfillment.

The New Man Podcast – What is a Men’s Group and Why Should You Care?

Tripp interviews Jayson on the topic of men’s groups as a solution for any guy who has ever felt stuck, isolated and unable to follow through.

Prevention – 14 Priceless Pieces Of Relationship Advice You Only Realize After You’ve Been Married

Jayson discusses fighting, marriage, values, communication and how to create win-win relationships.

The Evolved Masculine Podcast – Navigating Conflict in Relationship

Jayson provides valuable information for men who experience conflict in relationship. He provides a way of looking at relationships that will help men step off of the rollercoaster and manage their own triggers so they can show up in a way that leads to more harmonious relating.

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