Teaching Relationship Skills To Kids

dali lama on education

Do you know of a teen or young adult who wants to understand intimacy better? Find out if they qualify for free mentorship on intimate relationships.

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Adult Attachment Specialist Stan Tatkin’s Ted Talk

stan tatkin ted talk

in this short 10 min video, Stan covers some excellent ground about the two different aspects of our brain in a long term relationship. Funny, educational, and helpful for any couple wanting to go the distance.

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10 Agreements BEFORE You Get Into An Argument With Your Partner

interpersonal conflict

Before you get into your next interpersonal tussle with your partner, have a plan. Don’t have one? I’ve laid it out for you.

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Fault vs Responsibility In Relationships

victim language

There is a big, and often mistaken, difference between “fault” and responsibility. Knowing the difference can make or break your relationship.

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Running Away From Relationship Problems

running away from relationships

Next time you think about running away, just remember, who, and what, you are REALLY running away from.

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The Most Essential Human Need We All Have

Human need to be loved

The most essential human need for the developing adult isn’t money, social status or good looks. It’s almost as life-giving as the air we breathe. Check it out…

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The One Class We Never Got In School But Should Have

Relationship Schoolbus

What if you could have saved yourself from a tremendous amount of pain and suffering in adolescence and beyond? This class probably would have changed the game for you.

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Got A Cheating Spouse? Avoid Being Cheated On Again By Doing This

why men cheat

Is your spouse cheating on you? If you want to understand why people cheat and what your part is, read this.

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