Personal Reflections on 2022

jayson gaddis

Each year I reflect on my wins and losses from the past year. What did I do well and where did I fall down? Which goals did I crush and what did I miss? 


Here’s a quick summary…


  • By far the biggest win was growing my company while stepping out of the business massively so that I could pursue more creative endeavors.
    • This was way more difficult than I thought. Technically it took me years to accomplish. I have an awesome team to thank for this. 
    • This process began to free up energy to work on more content creation, writing, poetry and setting intentions toward speaking
    • I took singing lessons and broke through the limiting belief “I can’t sing.” I then joined a theatre group with my son and performed the musical with him and about 20 other people. This was great for voice, singing, and stage practice. 
    • I also got on stage at a poetry slam twice in Denver, and memorized and produced a 6 min spoken word poem. 
  • Personal growth
    • Hired a coach in late 2021 to work on extracting myself from my business
    • Hired the same coach in late 2022 to work on developing my speaking. 
    • Went to Ireland for a mastermind and spent a lot of time alone, reflecting, visioning, and listening
    • I turned 50, threw a great party with friends
    • Went on a stellar men’s mountain biking trip
    • With my kids as inspiration, I learned to ride a unicycle
  • Family 
    • Traveled to Mexico, Indiana, Moab, Park City with my family (and Ireland solo).
    • We bought a nice saltwater hot tub and a cheap cold plunge. So good. Worth every cent. 
    • Went birding a lot with my son and made great art with my daughter. Skied with both kids
    • Bought new windows for our house. Very adult. 
  • Health
    • I started strength training and I think I’ll be doing it for life. HUGE. Feels so good. Gained about 15 lbs of muscle. 
  • Other
    • Grew my social media following 
    • Participated in 2 Masterminds that have put me in contact with great people, opened the door to speak in Toronto


My biggest frustrations were: 

  1. Lack of financial growth, specifically in the business. We didn’t hit our revenue goals. This has a cascade effect which leads to me saving less, investing less, etc. 
  2. While I wanted to speak much more, I began the process. Didn’t think it would take this long. I seemed to have unrealistic goals here and didn’t understand the timeline. 
  3. Writing. I aimed to get a new book proposal done by year’s end and that didn’t happen. It may still not happen in 2023. Things are shifting. 
  4. My IG account got hacked and that was a stressful few weeks. I was able to get it back.


It’s interesting, this is a seminal year I think. Where I finally took a stand for my creative artist. And, while I didn’t “accomplish” a big list of big goals, this was huge for me. I can feel the seduction to judge myself, compare myself and see that I’m not really doing all that much. Somehow this year, I just pissed away the time and didn’t try hard enough. Of course, I temper these voices and stand in the mountain I did move. I can celebrate that and it feels really good! 


Thanks for listening. What about you? Have you reflected on the past year yet? Remember, this helps us integrate what we learned and become more solid humans as we understand ourselves better.


Here’s to a bright 2023!


Photo credit Luke Schaefer

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