Another reframe on COVID 19…

Another reframe on COVID 19…


We are in a very, very intimate time. Whether we like it or not, we are all in one conversation. The conversation about death and dying. A conversation that we, especially in America, don’t know how to have.


Death is so very intimate.


The fear of dying can bring out the best and worst in humanity.


But before we judge anyone’s actions, can we at least agree that we are indeed in a shared conversation that is shaping how we think about the world, things, and most importantly each other.


I mean, I did a zoom call with my entire family yesterday. Never been done before. Why? Because we are stuck at home, but we can still connect. Because my parents are aging. I want to know them, include them more in my life. They will someday leave this known world and so will I. Why not have more check-ins, listen to more stories, and see someone’s eyes more?


Can I allow this pandemic to speak and listen to more depth and intimacy in my closest relationships? Can I smile and make eye contact with the people serving me and us right now in grocery stores, pharmacies, and amazon delivery people? Can I soak up this precious time with my wife and kids even more? Can I get even more clear about what I’m doing with this precious human life?


Can we allow it to help us see the humanity in each other?

And can WE continue to allow our fear of death and dying to connect us and unite us?

I’m so inspired to be a human being right now.

All of us are in ONE conversation.

Feel what is possible when we turn toward the same problem.

Feel what this feels like.


This is the power of a pandemic to get our attention to turn toward the same problem. Sure, we might be doing it in fragmented cultures, countries, and there might be political bullshit going on, but we are in the same conversation, and that my friends, is a huge start.

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