A Man versus A Conscious Man, what kind of man are you?

A Man finds a good stable job. A man finds a good stable partner or wife that doesn’t challenge him too much, but a relationship where they become best buds.

A man might have a kid or two, buy a nice house and a car or two, and begin paying down his 30 year mortgage. A Man likes other people to tell him how to live his life, how to act, how to think and how to be. He makes a lot of decisions based on what others will think of him.

A Man makes up a lot of stories about how good and bad, right and wrong. A Man might believe that if you don’t see things his way, you’re not going to get into heaven with the other men who “behave.” A Man feels the right to attack others, judge them, discriminate against them all to justify his fearful stance.

A Man values things that make him comfortable, safe, and secure.

On the other hand, A Conscious Man has two simple traits:

1.    He has the ability to look in the mirror and be honest.

Change starts with YOU. This means you can self-reflect. It means you are open to receiving critical feedback about yourself and you can listen without defending yourself. You are honest enough to admit you have room to grow and a willingness to do so.

2.     He commits to reaching his full capacity as a man in this life.

If most of us are honest, we are holding back in some area of our life. We not only have room to grow as a person, but we could be doing more with our unique gifts, intelligence, and talents.

Many men play the game of life with the attitude, what can I get out of life? Even more men finds themselves living a risk–free, “comfortable,” safe life. A revolutionary man on the other hand, will look for his edge, meet it and slowly begin to stretch it.

He aims his compass toward what can I give to life and contribute to those around me?  He asks himself, “Am I fully bringing it? Am I playing this game with all of me?”

This has nothing to do with “being good” or behaving good so that we get to heaven or some other friendly place. This is not about being puritanical or hoping that others like us. Nor is this idealism. It has nothing to do with this. You want to give simply because it is who you are. You know you can be giving more in some meaningful way. Your own inner integrity demands it of you.

So, number 2 is about having the willingness to step up in life (in a tangible way) knowing you could be doing more, giving more. You’re open to getting off your ass and, with whatever power, privilege, wisdom, or talents you have, you want to make the world a better place.

If these were 2 commitments you could make to yourself, could you make them? What will it take you to start self-reflecting and aim higher? Again, not because someone else told you to, but because you are simply capable of more and you know it.

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