Amazing Personal Development Podcast For Guys

Tripp Lanier

A lot of guys ask me what resources, other than Men’s Health or Men’s Journal, are out there for men. For me, those mags are great, but somewhat limited. Enter The New Man Podcast.  I will be interviewing the host of the New Man Podcast Tripp Lanier on February 19th.

If you haven’t heard of The New Man Podcast you’re missing out. Go there now and download it for Free on itunes, or you can go to Personal Life Media and download them episode by episode.

Tripp Lanier, x-rock star, and Integral Men’s coach is the host of this thought provoking podcast. Tripp is a good friend of mine and we are both extremely inspired to help dudes get off the couch and have the life they want. He has a unique way of combining humor and solid inquiry when interviewing his guests.

Podcasts are often no more than 25 minutes in length. Each podcast introduces you to a certain topic, then if you are inspiried to go further, Tripp’s guests give you more info that you can explore on your own time. In the New Man, the topics  range from personal fitness, dating and relationships, spirituality, finding your life purpose, to being a dad.

I was interviewed by Tripp over a year ago and we did a three part series about becoming a man. You can check it out here.

So, go download the New Man and you’ll immediately learn something!

Remember, on February 19th I will be interviewing Tripp in my monthly membership forum, which for a limited time is FREE. For those that appreciate Tripp and the work he’s doing, you won’t want to miss it.

To learn about the New Man Podcast and Tripp Lanier, join us for the call here.

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