Boulder Men’s Experience

Bringing the circles together. A monthly gathering of committed men who want to deepen together and expand the conscious masculine community. Open to any man on any stage of development.

The Boulder Men’s Experience helps men in three main areas:

1. agency
-leadership and individual empowerment around enriching your life
-what are you taking a stand for in your life and what are you actually doing about it?

2. Connection
– we can’t do this alone. We will practice relationship/intimacy, get support, enjoy each other, have fun, and be creative. It’s likely that we can go further, faster, when we do this together.

3. Service
–what is our larger offering to the world when this many men get together and what is this experience in service of? Come put your voice and vibe into the mix and help us send a ripple out. We are making a difference in this community by practicing this way on a regular basis.

We are much stronger and have a bigger impact when we do this together.

Doors open at 630pm. Doors close at 700pm sharp so we can all get on the same page in terms of context for the night. You are free to leave whenever you want to.

**FOR REAL: Doors will LOCK at 700pm. **

So get yourself there on time, masculine-style.

Our loose, three-hour outline: First half of the night is getting to know each other, dyads, then small groups of your choosing.

Opportunities abound for you to:

* follow what YOU want to do
* explore your edges at your pace
* initiate a small group to focus on anything you want
* experiment with your leadership if you want to
* share something (like a truth, a song or a poem)
* share your truth in both the large group and small groups
* be witnessed and supported
* clear something with another man–with support if you want it

Light facilitation provided by Jayson, Tom Daly, Robert MacNaughton, Joshua Levin, Reuvain Bacal, Richard Furr and whoever wants to step up and help.

Let’s keep seeing and savoring what happens when conscious dudes gather on a regular basis (outside of a formal, closed men’s circle) with bold intention and fun facilitation.

Cost: $20 or FREE if you are a member of The Integral Center. Read about membership here

What to bring: a desire for the nite, your truth, 20 bucks, a drum if you have one, any other musical instruments like shakers, flutes, rattles, whatever.

Please RSVP on the facebook page (changes every month). And invite your bros if they’re not already invited. This is an OPEN event!

This experience happens in Boulder every month: ask to join the Boulder Men’s Community, a private facebook group where announcements and updates happen. There you can also hear about other men’s gatherings and offerings.

This experience happens in Boulder every month:

December 16
January 20
Feb 24
March 16
April 13
May 11
June 21 (thursday night)
July 12 (thursday night)
August 9 (thursday night)
September 20 (thursday night)
October 11 (thursday night)
November 15 (thursday night)
December 13 (thursday night)


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