Change Your Life Now, 4 Tips To Get Started


I like to ask you fellow men, what are you waiting for? Seriously. How much longer will you put off your own desire to change your life?

I was always the type of guy who had a hard time following the crowd. I always steered my own ship. But I often steered it into a comfortable little cove and just sat there, meanwhile I could have been living much larger and I could have been much more fulfilled. But I lacked courage and tools.

Recently I checked out the magazine Men’s Journal just to see if they had some actual good information, rather than a bunch of fluffy tips on how to get tighter abs or what BS line to use with some woman at the bar (Oh wait, that’s Men’s Health)! What I found was quite surprising.

Chris Taylor authored 4 killer pieces about how to change your life. I loved it. I can’t tell you how many guys I work with that don’t like their life. On the outside, they appear to have a good life tell and they even convince others. But behind closed doors they bursting at the seams to tell you how miserable they are.

Chris’s articles are a must read for any man wanting to step out of his own way and get on with his real life.

You can read about a former Microsoft Exec John Wood that started his own non-profit, how Dave Thorsrud got out of the cubicle and into a Van to travel the country, how Scott van Eschen left the banking world to start a teen adventure travel company and how Michael Terry tries to make it as a stand up comedian.

These men have genuine courage. They are willing to put their career and paycheck on the line because something in their life is not working.

Here are some notes I took from these men.

1. Have the Balls to admit things are not working. Just admitting you are stuck or unhappy is a huge step forward.

2. Find and hire a mentor. You can’t do it alone nor would you want to.

3. Surround yourself with people that support you manning up to your new vision (such as a men’s group). And, communicate with your family and friends.

4. Test your new idea. When you “leap” you’ll get some immediate feedback that may indicate what direction to go.

There are more good tips from the men in the Men’s Journal articles. You are not alone. Men have stepped out before and made radical changes. You can too.

Get honest and make it happen. Read the Men’s Journal articles here. Make sure to check out all four.

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